Will Offspring be back for season 8?

Will Offspring be back for season 8?

A multiple award-winning Australian comedy and drama television series, Offspring has been broadcast on Ten Network since 2010.

Why did Offspring get Cancelled?

On 3 October 2014, John Edwards confirmed that Offspring would not return for a sixth series in 2015, due to Ten’s cost-cutting measures in its production division. On 30 August 2015, the Herald Sun reported that a sixth season of Offspring would be made, returning after a two-year hiatus.

Is season 7 of Offspring the last?

The seventh and final season of Offspring, an Australian drama television series, premiered on Network TEN on 28 June 2017.

Does Nina get back with Chris Havel?

In the first season Nina is involved in a relationship with married doctor Chris Havel. The relationship between the two ultimately comes to an end at the conclusion of the second series. In season four Nina’s adventures progress as she and partner Dr Patrick Reid prepare for the birth of their first child together.

Does Mick leave Offspring?

Through six hit seasons, Eddie Perfect’s turn as gardener turned musician and all-round nice guy Mick Holland on Ten’s hit Offspring earned him fans across the country. “There was no hesitation,” says the gravel-voiced 41-year-old of his decision to leave Offspring.

Was Nina really pregnant on Offspring?

In a case of life imitating art, Asher’s famous Offspring character Nina Proudman was pregnant during last season and Asher spent most of 2013 wearing a prosthetic belly.

Did offspring win any awards?

Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television
Logie Award for Most Popular ActressLogie Award for Most Outstanding ActressAACTA Award for Best Guest or Supporting Actress in a Television DramaAACTA Award for Best Screenplay in Television

What hospital is offspring filmed at?

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne. Offspring is back on, filmed at St Vincent’s Private East Melbourne – you just might see some staff in the background!

What happens to Leo in Offspring?

The sixth season of Offspring is only two episodes in, but viewers have already been confronted with plenty of heartbreak. During Wednesday night’s episode of the Channel Ten drama, fans learnt the exact reason Leo had decided to leave town, after he and Nina called time on their relationship.

Do Nina and Harry have a baby?

After the baby is born not breathing, Nina resuscitates it and reveals it to be a baby boy. Nina’s and Harry’s relationship is getting stronger but, after making love, Nina panics because she can’t move on from Patrick.

Does Billie have a baby?

Billie Lourd always knew she wanted to be a mother. The 28-year-old actress stunned followers last year when she announced she had given birth to a baby boy named Kingston. Now, she’s sharing insight on her pregnancy and relationship with fiancé Austen Rydell.

What happens to Alfie in Offspring?

Baby heartbreak Jimmy (played by Richard Davies) and Zara (Jane Harber). Wednesday’s episode saw Alfie diagnosed with a potentially fatal liver condition that requires a lifesaving transplant. Offspring fans have hit the wall, floored by another sad storyline.

Is there going to be another season of offspring?

Kate, I’m the Nina. Just deal with it. Scary rumours circled last year that Offspring might not return – like, not even a warning of a final season, just no continuation from 2017’s season 7.

Is the character Nina in offspring coming back?

Now, Offspring leading lady Asher Keddie has finally shed some light on its future. The Gold Logie winner says she is open to bringing back her character, Nina Proudman.

Is the show Offspring picked up by Netflix?

Nina Proudman has returned! Asher Keddie sends fans into meltdown as she announces Offspring has been picked up by Netflix When she said goodbye, it crushed fans all over Australia. So it makes perfect sense fans of Offspring were whipped into a frenzy when Asher Keddie delivered some long-awaited news on the sudsy, beloved drama.

What was the last season of offspring Asher Keddie?

In 2014, ‘Offspring’ gave us a near-perfect series finale at the end of its fifth season. After the loss of her true love Patrick, in its fifth season, giving birth to her daughter Zoe, navigating life as a single mother, and experiencing more Proudman family disasters, we were treated to our last glimpse of Nina (Asher Keddie).

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