Why was Randy Orton dishonorably discharged?

Why was Randy Orton dishonorably discharged?

After graduating from high school in 1998, Orton enlisted with the Marines. At the base, he received a bad conduct discharge in 1999 after going AWOL on two occasions and disobeying an order from a commanding officer.

What does RKO stand for?


Acronym Definition
RKO Radio Keith Orpheum (movie studio)
RKO Richards Kibbe & Orbe (law firm; New York, NY)
RKO Randy Keith Orton (wrestling)
RKO Runyon Kersteen Ouellette (accounting firm; Maine)

Is Cody Rhodes and Goldust related?

Cody and Dustin Rhodes (also known as Cody Rhodes and Goldust, The Brotherhood, The Rhodes Brothers, and Gold and Stardust) are an American professional wrestling tag team consisting of Cody Rhodes and Dustin Rhodes. They are signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and are also known for the time in WWE.

Why did Terence Rattigan put up money for Orton?

The homosexual playwright, Sir Terence Rattigan, who put up £3,000 to enable Orton’s first hit, Entertaining Mr Sloane, to transfer to the West End, confessed: ‘I’d have liked to go on seeing Joe, but if I was going to have to see Halliwell too, no, that was too much.’ In fairness to Halliwell, he had had a deeply traumatic upbringing.

Who was Orton’s long time partner Kenneth Halliwell?

But if everyone succumbed to Orton, no one seemed comfortable with his long-time partner, Kenneth Halliwell. A strange, withdrawn man, he camouflaged his baldness with an ill-fitting toupé that perched on top of his head like some antiquated tea-cosy.

Who was the gay producer who introduced Orton to Dickson?

Dickson was visibly ill-at-ease with him, and treated him distantly. Peter Willes, the gay television producer who had introduced Orton to Dickson, told Halliwell to his face that he was ‘a middle-aged nonentity’, and berated him for wearing an Old Etonian tie when he had never been to Eton.

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