Why was European exploration important?

Why was European exploration important?

There are three main reasons for European Exploration. Them being for the sake of their economy, religion and glory. They wanted to improve their economy for instance by acquiring more spices, gold, and better and faster trading routes. Also, they really believed in the need to spread their religion, Christianity.

How did the Exploration of the Americas affect the world?

The Age of Exploration had a significant impact on geography. By traveling to different regions around the globe, explorers were able to learn more about areas such as Africa and the Americas and bring that knowledge back to Europe. These explorations also introduced a whole new world of flora and fauna to Europeans.

What was the impact of the New world on Europeans?

Columbus’s voyage of discovery also had another important result; it contributed to the development of the modern concept of progress. To many Europeans, the New World seemed to be a place of innocence, freedom, and eternal youth. Columbus himself believed that he had landed near the Biblical Garden of Eden.

What were the major causes of European exploration What were some results?

Historians generally recognize three motives for European exploration and colonization in the New World: God, gold, and glory.

Why was the Exploration important?

What was the negative impact of European exploration?

Negative Impact of European Exploration Disease and Genocide. The European arrival in the Americas only brought disease and destruction. Unknown to early explorers, the Native people had never come into contact with Small Pox. Because of certain biological and cultural reasons, the disease tore through the population.

How did the discovery of America affect the Europeans?

This resulted in the discovery of the United States of America by Christopher Columbus. Europeans got driven by potential of trade and building wealth through alliance with the Eastern nations and Asia. This led to the development of European monarchies to focus solely on expansion of the rule.

Which is an example of the impact of European expansion?

European expansion in the Americas led to an unprecedented movement of plants across the Atlantic. A prime example is tobacco, which became a valuable export as the habit of smoking, previously unknown in Europe, took hold ([link]). Another example is sugar.

What did the exploration of Europe bring together?

The European Exploration brought together various nations like Europe, Africa, America and Asia. This period was characterized by the two major kinds of exchange: Cultural, and Biological. In the “Biological exchange”, people traded animals, diseases and plants. In the “Cultural” exchange, they traded technology, ideas and goods.

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