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Why is County Clare known as the Banner County?

Why is County Clare known as the Banner County?

Clare’s county nickname is the Banner County, for which various origins have been suggested: the banners captured by Clare’s Dragoons at the Battle of Ramillies; or the banner of “Catholic emancipation” raised by Daniel O’Connell’s victory in an 1828 by-election for County Clare that led to Parliament passing the Roman …

How did County Clare get its name?

It is often said that County Clare is named after the de Clares. A board was placed across the river Fergus outside Ennis, at a place which was to become known as Clare, (now Clarecastle town).

What is County Clare known for?

Clare, which spans over 150 square miles, is the finest example of a limestone kart landscape in Ireland. The Burren is famous internationally, not just for its beautiful limestone surface, but also for the remarkable flora and its rich archaeological heritage.

What is Waterford Ireland known for?

The city is situated at the head of Waterford Harbour. Today, Waterford is known for Waterford Crystal, a legacy of the city’s former glassmaking industry. Glass, or crystal, was manufactured in the city from 1783 until early 2009, when the factory there was shut down after the receivership of Waterford Wedgwood plc.

Is County Clare Northern Ireland?

Clare, Irish An Clár, county in the province of Munster, western Ireland. The town of Ennis, in central Clare, is the county seat.

What special event occurred in County Clare in 1929?

22 July – the Shannon hydro-electric scheme at Ardnacrusha, County Clare is opened.

How did the county of Clare get its name?

It is easy to see then in the political excitement of the times how the county acquired the name ‘the banner county’. The reason the name stuck with Clare, I would suggest, was that custom of greeting politicians with banners, particularly at election time, survived longer in Clare than in other counties.

What are the colors of the Clare banner?

Co. Clare’s colors of blue and gold were the colors reputedly carried by Brian Boru at the Battle of Clontarf in 1014.

Where did the tradition of carrying banners come from?

The custom of carrying banners goes back a long way in County Clare. There is little doubt but that the Dal gCais carried banners at the battle of Clontarf in 1014 or that the Clare Dragoons carried banners at Fontenoy in 1745 and in the many battles fought by the Clare Regiments on the continent during the eighteenth century.

Who are some famous people from County Clare?

People 1 Gerald Barry, composer 2 Pat Breen 3 Joe Carey 4 Tony Killeen 5 Timmy Dooley 6 Síle De Valera 7 Shane O’Donnell 8 Naomi Carroll 9 Edna O’Brien More

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