Why is blue ink required?

Why is blue ink required?

In the days before color photocopiers, blue or black ink was preferred because other colors were not dark enough to reproduce. When it comes to choosing between blue or black ink, the consensus is that blue makes it easier to assume a document is a signed original as opposed to a black-and-white copy.

Should I use black or blue pen?

Black ink is recommended for legal and official documents. (Chinese officials are so strict about black ink, they will reject documents submitted in blue.) The main reason has to do with copying and digitizing documents. Black ink just scans better than blue, which tends to show up very light.

Is it better to write in blue pen?

Writing notes in blue ink won’t have a huge impact on your retention; however, blue notes will still be memorable because blue is known to be a trustworthy color that resonates within people. What’s the best ink color to take notes in? Based on my research, there is no one ink color that enhances memory retention.

Why is red ink not legal?

Because it would appear faint or non-existent on a photocopy, red pens were considered taboo for signing or endorsing checks, says Wong. “When the red laser light scans the document, it turns the entire document a red color. So a signature written in red ink appears to vanish.”

Which pen is best for signature?

We say that the Newport Gel Pen is one of our favorite signing pens. Not only does it have ultra-smooth ink, but it its elegant appearance can help that little extra bit of gravitas to the experience.

Who will use green pen?

Following people are some of the gazetted officers,

  • Police officers of Circle Inspector and above;
  • District Medical Officer and above.
  • District Civil surgeons, Executive Engineers and above,
  • Indian Defence Tri-Services Lt(Indian Army)
  • MLA.
  • MP.
  • Indian Army Subedar and Subedar major.

What pens do pilots use?

The triple function Skilcraft B3 Aviator Pen is standard issue to all military aviators and beloved by both military and civilian pilots.

Which pen is best for students?

These ballpoint, rollerball, and gel pens are easy to find in stores and priced to fit a college student’s budget.

  1. uni-ball Jetstream Stick Roller Ball Pen.
  2. Pilot G2 Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen.
  3. Zebra F-301 Retractable Ballpoint Pen.
  4. Pentel EnerGel Deluxe RTX Gel Ink Pen.
  5. BIC Round Stic Ball Pen.

Which is the best pen to use for CBSE exams?

Answer: Students appearing for CBSE Board Exam can write answers with a Blue coloured pen. If they want to use a black pen to highlight or bold the points in answers or for writing titles or headlines then it is allowed. The intention of using a blue pen is to bring uniformity and the blue coloured ink pen is most commonly used by students.

Can you use blue ink on a job application?

For example, if you’re applying for a job at this security firm, you’re instructed at the top of every page to stick to black ink. If you are going to use blue ink for your job application form, then read the form carefully to make sure that it does not state to fill out the form in black ink only.

What kind of pen do you use to fill out a passport form?

When filling out your passport application black ink is mandatory. The U.S National Passport Services clearly that when filling out the Passport application form DS-82 “A common mistake is using a blue ink pen instead of black ink to complete the form.

Is it better to sign a document in blue ink?

Copiers can make such high-quality copies now that a document signed in black ink and a copy of that document are often indistinguishable. That’s why even the US military recommends that original documents be signed in blue, so that they stand out from any reproductions.

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