Why does Darzee sing a death song for Rikki?

Why does Darzee sing a death song for Rikki?

Darzee was also singing a sad song after the battle with Nagaina because he thinks Rikki is dead. Darzee’s wife acted like she had a broken wing so Nagaina would think she would be an easy kill, she managed to lure her away from the rubbish pile.

Why is nag angry at Darzee?

Nag is angry at Darzee because Darzee rejected Nag’s proposal for marriage. Darzee rejected Nag because he was a different species. Darzee warned Rikki that Nagaina was going to attack resulting in Rikki survivin.

Who is Darzee in Rikki Tikki Tavi?

Darzee is the tailor-bird and ally of the mongoose in Rudyard Kipling’s “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.” Darzee serves as the messenger for all the animals in the garden, singing songs and spreading the word about the activities of the cobras. He knows all of the garden’s secrets, including where Nagaina has laid her eggs.

Who did Nagaina think killed nag?

Rikki-tikki killed Nagaina by following her into her hole and fighting her to the death. Nagaina was the female cobra in the garden at the Indian bungalow. Rikki-tikki killed her mate, Nag, earlier in the story.

How did Darzee feel about the idea of destroying Nagaina’s eggs?

How did Darzee feel about the idea of destroying Nagaina’s eggs? Darzee was a feather-brained little fellow who could never hold more than one idea at a time in his head; and just because he knew that Nagaina’s children were born in eggs like his own, he didn’t think at first that it was fair to kill them.

Why did Rikki keep one egg?

Rikki-tikki’s decision points the story toward its climatic battle between Rikki and Nagaina. Even though Nagaina’s husband, Nag, has been killed, Rikki realizes that he must destroy her eggs to prevent more cobras in the garden.

Why were Darzee and his wife crying?

Rikki-tikki soon felt better, and he spent the rest of the day and the next morning exploring Teddy’s house. C In the yard he heard the sad voices of two tailorbirds, Darzee and his wife. The birds were crying because a cobra named Nag had eaten one of their babies.

How does Darzee frustrate Rikki-tikki?

Why is he so frustrated with Darzee at this point? Rikki calls Darzee a “… stupid tuft of feathers.” He is frustrated that Darzee is singing when he is still facing the wrath of Nagaina. “You’re safe enough in your nest there, but it’s war for me down here,” Rikki claims.

How does Darzee wife help Rikki Tikki?

Darzee’s wife helps Rikki defeat Nagaina by distracting her while he destroys most of the cobra eggs, by warning him that Nagaina is on the veranda, and by fluttering about Nagaina as she tries to escape from Rikki down the rat hole, which allows Rikki to catch up to the snake.

What is Darzee?

In the children’s story “Rikki-tikki-tavi” Darzee is a Tailor-bird and the helpful friend of Rikki who is the protagonist of the story. They must fight and defeat the King cobra Nag. A Tailorbird is from the warbler family. It is a small bird with a beautiful song. In the garden of…

How does Darzee and his wife react to nag?

Darzee and his wife are afraid, because the cobras are on the hunt. They are in danger because the cobras prey on them and their babies. They are first mourning because one of their babies was eaten by Nag. “We are very miserable,” said Darzee.

How does Darzee frustrate Rikki-Tikki?

Why did Darzee want to get away from Rikki Tikki?

Darzee’s flightiness and silliness stand in opposition to Rikki-tikki ’s practicality, further helping to separate the mongoose from the cobras’ potential victims in the garden. Darzee also does not want to distract Nagaina at the end of the story to help Rikki-tikki attack her nest, believing it’s not fair to kill eggs.

Who are the snakes in the story Rikki Tikki Tavi?

In his story “Rikki-Tikki-Tavi,” Rudyard Kipling presents a battle-to-the death conflict between the mongoose Rikki-tikki-tavi and two cobras, Nag and Nagaina. The snakes are out to kill Rikki’s… Why do Nag and Nagaina try to kill Teddy and his parents in “Rikki-tikki-tavi”?

Where was Nag first seen in Rikki Tikki?

Nag’s appearance is described for the first time when Rikki-tikki is in the garden of the bungalow speaking to Darzee, the tailorbird. While Darzee is telling Rikki-tikki about how Nag ate one of…

How did Rikki Tikki Tavi win the Battle?

This is the story of a great battle that was fought in the big bungalow and won by Rikki-tikki-tavi. Of course Darzee, that fine feathered friend, gave him a hand, but Rikki-tikki-tavi won the battle all by himself.

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