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Why do people ask questions that have no answer?

Why do people ask questions that have no answer?

It’s pretty obvious that most people ask questions on the Internet when they don’t understand something and they want to know the answer. But it’s also common for people to ask questions that have no answer, or to get external validation.

Can a simple question be answered on the Internet?

Most questions asked on the Internet can, actually, be answered fully by most of of those choices. The apparently “simple” question is often rhetorical, asking about human society, gender roles, laws, and any number of other incredibly complex issues of human society with no details, no limits, no critical thinking at all.

Why do people speak up when you ask them questions?

Sometimes people speak up to be seen, to look engaged, to make a point, or even just to hear themselves talk. And that’s helpful to keep in mind, especially if you’ve started noticing that your questions aren’t getting the response you’re looking for.

Is it okay to ask questions in the office?

There’s no such understanding in the office. I mean, yes, you expect your colleagues and boss know that sometimes you’ll ask for their opinions and after consideration you’ll go a different route. But if you routinely ask questions—and then ignore what the other person suggests—it makes sense he’d stop sharing his advice.

What happens to people who Dont give straight answers?

Those who become skilled in sidestepping certain questions and master avoiding answering them are difficult to get a grasp on. They, by all intents and purposes, become slippery in their social relations with other individuals.

What to do if someone wont answer your questions?

As you notice people conveniently fail to address certain critical pillars of the questions that you pose, you may decide to intervene and reiterate your questions. A thing to remember in your attempts of doing so, is to not exude an essence of catching them doing something sneaky.

Is it a big deal if you don’t have a solid answer?

Some of them are easy to answer with a confident “yes,” “no,” or a well-reasoned explanation. Others aren’t. Most of the time it’s no big deal when you don’t have a solid answer right away.

What to do when a child won’t answer a wh question?

Identifying the main difficulty, can help you determine activities to start treatment. The following are common WH question difficulties: These children may not realize you are talking to them. If you ask them question, they don’t respond. Me: “What do you want for dinner?”

Why does my child not answer my questions?

In addition, their difficulties with working memory make it difficult for them to hold the questions in mind long enough to consider them, formulate a response, and act on that response. Combine these two conditions and you have the perfect scenario for not answering a direct question!

How do you answer the last question asked?

Answer the last question asked with a simple yes or no. Repeat the most relevant word in the last question, “Speech? Speech therapy, not today…not going!” Parents usually ask their children questions to get information or to simply engage them in conversation.

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