Why did Monkey Quest get deleted?

Why did Monkey Quest get deleted?

Monkey Quest closed on September 26, 2014, due to a “shifting focus towards other digital and mobile experiences.” The app Monkey Quest: Thunderbow was removed from the App Store on July 31, 2014.

What happened to Monkey Quest reborn?

It was here that the project closure date was announced. Two days later, on February 19th, 2021 at 6 PM EST, Monkey Quest Reborn closed indefinitely. The project’s website and social media were removed and the existing Discord server transitioned into a general Monkey Quest server.

Who created Monkey Quest?

Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds GroupBehaviour Interactive
Monkey Quest/Developers

When was Monkey Quest made?

March 17, 2011
Monkey Quest/Initial release dates

Can you still play Free Realms?

Free Realms was a massive multiplayer online role playing video game, developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) for Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 3, set in a fantasy-themed world named Sacred Grove. The game was shut down on March 31, 2014; SOE stated that it didn’t have the resources to keep the game going.

How do you play Monkey Quest?

Start by creating your monkey, picking your tribe, and entering Clock Tower Square to meet new friends, shop, and go on quests. Once in the virtual world of Monkey Quest, players can play in their own style in this fun monkey game for both boys and girls.

Are Free Realms free?

Business model. The game was available to download and play free of charge. The PC version was accessed via the Free Realms web site or, through game arcade sites Candy Stand or Miniclip. Before Free Realms was shut down, SOE planned to offer a “family” membership that would allow multiple logins at the same time.

What year did Free Realms come out?

April 28, 2009
Free Realms/Initial release dates

What genre was Monkey Quest?

Massively multiplayer online game
EntertainmentFantasySpeculative fictionSocietal
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Are Free Realms gone?

Are there any freebies at the NC Mall?

To promote the NC Mall, all new users receive a special goodie. In the past, this was 150 Neocash, which you could spend on an item of your choice. Nowadays the NC Mall gives away a free mystery capsule, which gives you random items when opened. If you want to get your free NC gift, you need to go to the NC Mall.

Are there any free NC items on Neocash?

For most free items, you needed to collect and open the free NC Goodie Bags in order to obtain the free NC item. But, there are also free Neocash items that are given away during site events, like Springtime Celebration for instance. Free NC items were unique items, that were made especially for the site event.

Can You claim free gift boxes at NC Mall?

As a general rule it can be said that it’s fine to claim a NC Mall freebie as long as it’s only Neocash or a Neocash item (or an item that gives out only Neocash or Neocash items when opened). It’s all right to claim free gift boxes on your side account as well.

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