Why did Millsberry shut down?

Why did Millsberry shut down?

Lastly one of the saddest screenshots of Millsberry is the closing announcement when Millsberry decided to shut down against reducing player counts.

Will Millsberry ever come back?

When will it be brought back, never? Hi Maddie – At the moment, there is no plan to bring this game back. Please be assured that we value the suggestions of all our consumers. Stay tuned to our Twitter page as this game could come back in the future!

What is Millsberry?

Millsberry is an “advergame” hosted by General Mills. It is essentially a marketing tool used to showcase General Mills products. Users start out in the city of Millsberry by customizing their character. You can choose your own clothes, hairstyles and everything else.

Can you still play DollzMania?

If you’re like us and want to recapture your youth, well… we have good news. DollzMania still exists. And we’ve found a newfound love for it thanks to iso.

What happened to Postopia?

In 2011, Postopia was shut down, and replaced with When that happened, a lot of the games on the website were not included on the new site (although, many other game websites archived them before was around).

What happened SuperSecret?

What happened to my stuff? The new SuperSecret is a completely new game with a new scoring system and new items. Unfortunately, your inventory from the old game could be carried over. However, we’ve started you off with some Style Bucks so you can start buying cool new items right away!

What was Doll Palace?

The Palace, as envisioned by creator Jim Bumgardner, was a place where users could create avatars and chat semi-anonymously. There were rules about behavior, but enough space to experiment.

What were Dollz?

Dollz Mania, and its many imitators, were basically flashy paper dolls that you’d put in club clothes and wigs with chunky highlights, posting them on MySpace because “this one looks just like me.” (It did not.)

Can you still play Candystand games?

Candystand is regarded for having a catalog of over 100+ Flash and Shockwave games….PCH Games.

Type of site Internet games, lottery, website
Current status Defunct (as

How do you play the game Honeycomb?

In the challenge, players must carefully cut out a shape from a paper-thin sheet of sugar honeycomb using a needle. If the honeycomb cracks, you lose. The game has become popular on TikTok, with people trying the #honeycombchallenge for themselves.

Who made Free Realms?

Daybreak Game Company
Free Realms/Developers

Free Realms was a massive multiplayer online role playing video game, developed by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) for Windows, Mac, and PlayStation 3, set in a fantasy-themed world named Sacred Grove.

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