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Why did Karana move her bed off the rock ledge?

Why did Karana move her bed off the rock ledge?

When the first storm of winter comes, she knows that no ship will come until spring. The winter storms blow onto the rock where Karana sleeps, and she is forced to move her bed to the foot of the rock. During the storm, Karana decides to travel across the sea to look for her people.

Why is Karana worried when her canoe gets destroyed?

Although the earthquake caused only minor damage, the tsunami waves destroyed Karana’s canoe as well as all the food and weapons she had stored in the sea caves. Because it takes so much wood to build a canoe, Karana decides to search for pieces of the wreckage.

Does Karana catch the devil fish?

Karana holds onto the line and pulls the devilfish on top of a sandbar. Both Karana and Rontu, who attacks the animal, are injured in the encounter with the devilfish. Karana decides never to hunt devilfish again.

How does Karana finally catch the devil fish?

Luckily, she’s got her special spear at the ready. Karana thinks that she misses the octopus at first, but then her line goes tight. She battles with the devilfish for a long time, eventually forcing it to beach itself. Karana immediately charges in with her knife drawn and finishes the octopus off.

How did Karana patch the leaky canoe?

Karana steers the canoe by using the location of stars as guides, but waves push her off course. The canoe springs a leak, and Karana patches it with material from her skirt.

Why did Karana destroy the village of Ghalas-at?

Karana decides that she can no longer live in the village since it holds way too many memories. She burns each of the houses to the ground so that Ghalas-at is nothing more than ashes.

Why did Karana destroy the village of Ghalas at?

What did Karana lose from the great waves?

What did Karana lose in the great wave? Canoe, food, & weapons.

Why did Karana adopted the two baby birds?

Karana knew that if she broke up the fight they would eventually fight again. Why go you think Karana adopted two baby birds? They provide her with company and friend ship.

What weapons does Karana make?

Karana makes her own spearhead, bow, and arrows.

Are devil fish real?

The devil fish is the third largest species in the genus Mobula, after the oceanic and reef manta rays. It is the only mobulid species that lives in the Mediterranean Sea. It is also considered to be the only Devil fish with a tail spine.

What did Karana find in the cave that was set on fire?

After she has finished her new house in the cave, Karana returns to the beach, where she finds the corpse of the old sea elephant.

Why did Karana’s father die in the island of the Blue Dolphins?

In Karana’s mind, her father, Chowig, died because he revealed his secret name to Captain Orlov. Thus, even though Karana is no longer openly afraid of Tutok, she is still wary.

Where does Karana take the necklace from the rock?

Karana does not take the necklace from the rock; instead, she waits in the bushes nearby. Finally, Tutok appears and, seeing the necklace still on the rock, stands confused for a minute, then turns to leave. Karana runs quickly down the ravine and calls out to Tutok.

How is Karana mistrustful of the Aleuts?

Karana is naturally mistrustful of the Aleuts and of Tutok by extension. Even when Karana starts spending some time with Tutok, she does not trust her. When Tutok asks Karana’s name, Karana tells her “Won-a-pa-lei” instead of her secret name. In Karana’s mind, her father, Chowig, died because he revealed his secret name to Captain Orlov.

Why is Karna happy when Tutok leaves the island?

The meaning is only significant to Karana, however, because Tutok does not know about secret names. When it comes time for Tutok to leave, Karna is at first happy, because the Aleuts are gone. As she looks out over her island, however, she begins to miss Tutok. This is an important scene, for is very much like a scene earlier in the novel.

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