Who was the best warrior in history?

Who was the best warrior in history?

Here are 7 of the greatest warriors that the world has ever seen.

  1. ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Known as one of the greatest warriors ever, Alexander the Great was a renowned king too in an ancient Greek town.
  3. ASHOKA.

Is there a sequel to The Six Sacred Stones?

The Five Greatest Warriors
The Six Sacred Stones/Followed by

What was the most feared army in history?

3. The 10,000 Immortals. One of the most feared and famous armies of antiquity, the Immortals were a 10,000-strong fighting force associated with the Achaemenid Empire of Persia.

What are the 6 Sacred Stones?

However, almost nothing is known about the Machine, but the knowledge can be found using the Six Sacred Stones – the Philosopher’s Stone, the Altar Stone at Stonehenge, The Twin Tablets of Thutmosis, The Seeing Stone of Delphi, the Killing Stone of the Maya, and the Basin of Ramses II.

Who were the most skilled soldiers in history?

Top 10 Greatest Warrior Groups in History

  1. Mongol Warriors (1206 AD–1687 AD)
  2. Maori Warriors (1280 AD–1872 AD)
  3. British SAS (1 July 1941–Present)
  4. The Spartans (6th Century BC–4th Century BC)
  5. Ninjas (12th Century AD–1868 AD)
  6. Gurkhas (1815 AD–Present)
  7. Kamikaze Pilots (October 1944–15 August 1945)

Who were the most brutal warriors?

10 Of The Most Fearsome Warriors History Has Ever Seen

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  • Xiahou Dun. © YouTube.
  • Pyrrhus of Epirus. © anestakos.
  • Musashi Miyamoto. © steemit.
  • Genghis Khan. © listverse.
  • Alexander The Great. © essayzone.

What warrior killed the most?

1st Class Dillard Johnson — makes a meal of one of dictator Saddam Hussein’s armored Mercedes-Benzes during the Iraq war. With 2,746 confirmed kills, Sgt. 1st Class Dillard Johnson is the deadliest American soldier on record — and maybe the most humble.

Who is undefeated commander in history?

Khalid ibn al-Walid
Service/branch Rashidun army
Years of service 629–638
Commands held Field commander in Najd and the Yamama (632–633) Supreme commander of Muslim armies in Syria (634–636) Field commander in northern Syria (636–638) Military governor of Qinnasrin ( c. 638)

Who is the most feared warriors in history?

Who was the most feared warrior of all time?

Who was the worst general in history?

He is best known for his failure in handling of the Battle of Kasserine Pass, leading to America’s worst defeat of World War II, for which he was relieved of his command….

Lloyd Fredendall
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service 1907–1946
Rank Lieutenant General
Unit Infantry Branch


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