Who was Rudradaman and what did he do?

Who was Rudradaman and what did he do?

130–150) was a Śaka ruler from the Western Kshatrapas dynasty. He was the grandson of the king Caṣṭana. Rudradāman I was instrumental in the decline of the Sātavāhana Empire. Rudradāman I took up the title of Maha-kshtrapa (“Great Satrap”), after he became the king and then strengthened his kingdom.

Who is the daughter of Rudradaman 1?

Vashishtiputra Sātakarni
Vashishtiputra Sātakarni was in great conflict with the Scythian Western Kshatrapas in the West, but he eventually married the daughter of Rudradaman I of the Western Kshatrapas dynasty, in order to forge an alliance….

Vashishtiputra Satakarni
Dynasty Satavahana
Religion Buddhism

Who was the founder of Kshatrapa dynasty?

A new Kshatrapa dynasty was founded by Chashtana, the Satrap of Ujjain, in 78 CE. During his 52 years at the helm, till 130 CE, he skillfully held and nurtured an empire engaged in overseas and inland trade, and in competition with the Satavahanas.

On which ruler huge amount of coins have been found at the Jogalthambi currency reserves near Nashik?

A hoard of Nahapana’s coins, found at Jogalthambi in the Nashik area, incorporates coins re-struck by Gautamiputra.

Why is Rudradaman famous in Indian history?

He is famous in history because of the repairs he undertook to improve the Sudarshana lake in the semi-arid zone of Kathiawar which had been in use for irrigation for a long time and dated back to the Mauryas. Rudradaman was a great lover of Sanskrit.

What is written on Junagarh rock inscription?

The Junagadh rock inscription of Rudradaman, also known as the Girnar Rock inscription of Rudradaman, is a Sanskrit prose inscribed on a rock by the Western Satraps ruler Rudradaman I. The Junagadh rock contains inscriptions of Ashoka (one of fourteen of the Major Rock Edicts of Ashoka), Rudradaman I and Skandagupta.

Who was the most famous Saka ruler in India?

Rudradaman I was a Saka ruler from the Western Kshatrapas dynasty. He was the grandson of the king Chastana. Rudradaman I was instrumental in the decline of the Satavahana Empire.

What is the meaning of Kshatrapa?

The Western Satraps, or Western Kshatrapas (Brahmi: , Mahakṣatrapa, “Great Satraps”) were Indo-Scythian (Saka) rulers of Indian subcontinent who ruled over the region of Sindh, Makran, Saurashtra and Malwa between 35 and 405 CE.

Who was the greatest king of Kshaharata dynasty?

60-85 CE. Nahapana was founder of one of the two major Saka Satrap dynasties in north-western India, the Kshaharatas (“Satraps”); the other dynasty included the one founded by Chashtana.

Who was the author of Nasik Prasasti?

Gautamiputra Satakarni
The information available about Gautamiputra Satakarni comes from his coins, the Satavahana inscriptions, and the royal genealogies in the various Puranas. The best known of these is the Nashik prashasti (eulogy) inscription of his mother Gautami Balashri, which credits him with extensive military conquests.

WHO issued the Nasik inscription?

The Nashik inscription of Ushavadata is an inscription made in the Nashik Caves by Ushavadata, a son-in-law of the Western Satraps ruler Nahapana, in the years circa 120 CE. It is the earliest known instance of the usage of Sanskrit, although a rather hybrid form, in western India.

What is the capital of Rudradaman?

Ruled with Taxila as their capital. Ruled from Mathura. Established themselves in Western & Central India. Their rule continued till the 4th century AD.

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