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Who was Apollo married to?

Who was Apollo married to?

Consort Daphne, Kyrene, Cassandra, Calliope, Coronis, Thalia, Leucothea
Children Asclepius, Troilus, Aristaeus, Orpheus, Korybantes
Parents Zeus and Leto

Who did Apollo almost marry?

Apollo never married, but there once came a time when he came very near to marrying. This story occurred in Aetolia, in West Greece, with the beautiful princess Marpissa. Marpissa’s father, King Evinos, was a son of Ares, the god of war, and therefore a very skilled fighter.

Who is Apollo’s immortal wife?

Siblings Asteria
Consort Zeus
Children Apollo and Artemis
Roman equivalent Latona

Who was Apollo A lover of?

In Greek mythology, Hyacinth was a very beautiful Spartan prince and lover of the god Apollo. Hyacinth was also admired by the God of the West wind Zephyrus, the God of the North wind Boreas and a mortal man named Thamyris. But Hyacinth chose Apollo over the others.

What happened to Daphne and Apollo?

The sharp, gold-tipped arrow pierced the heart of Apollo inflaming his love for Daphne, a beautiful nymph, daughter of the river god Peneus, while the blunt, lead-tipped arrow struck the nymph creating an intense aversion for love in the her heart.

Who raped Persephone Olympus?

One of the most important story threads in the entire comic is the rape of Persephone by the sun god Apollo. In Lore Olympus, Persephone is introduced as a sheltered young woman who is entering college and the great wide world of Olympus after spending her life under the protection of her mother, Demeter.

Who is Persephone’s child?

Spouse Hades
Children Melinoë, Plutus (Orphic), Zagreus/Dionysus (Orphic) Erinyes (Orphic)
Roman equivalent Proserpina

What is Latona the goddess of?

Leto has been plausibly identified with the Lycian goddess Lada; she was also known as a goddess of fertility and as Kourotrophos (Rearer of Youths).

Who fell in love with hyacinth?

Turns out that not only was Apollo in love with Hyacinthus, but so was Zephyrus, the west wind.

Who did Apollo turned into a flower?

According to a different myth, it was Zephyrus who caused the death of the young man; jealous of his affair with Apollo he blew the discus to Hyacinthus’ head, killing him. Apollo, distraught at the youth’s death, forbade Hades to claim his soul; instead, he turned him into the flower of the same name.

What did Apollo do to Persephone?

Was Persephone Raped by Apollo? No, Persephone was not raped by Apollo. Apollo was merely an interested suitor when Persephone became of age and was actively looking for a husband. But Persephone was raped by her father not once, but two times.

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