Who played The Hardy Boys in 1970s?

Who played The Hardy Boys in 1970s?

Parker Stevenson

Actor Character Season
Season 1 (1977)
Parker Stevenson Frank Hardy Starring
Shaun Cassidy Joe Hardy Starring
Pamela Sue Martin Nancy Drew Starring

Who were the two Hardy Boys?

Hardy Boys, fictional brothers Frank and Joe Hardy, the teenage protagonists of a series of American juvenile mystery novels first published in 1927. Shaun Cassidy (left) as Joe Hardy and Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy in the TV series The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (1977–79).

Which Hardy boy was Cassidy?

Joe Hardy
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV Series 1977– ) – Shaun Cassidy as Joe Hardy – IMDb.

Who is Parker Stevenson married?

Kirstie Alleym. 1983–1997
Parker Stevenson/Spouse

Who is Shaun Cassidy’s mom?

Shirley Jones
Shaun Cassidy/Mothers

In 2020, Cassidy returned to the stage with his one-man show The Magic of a Midnight Sky. Cassidy is the eldest son of Academy Award-winning actress Shirley Jones and Tony Award-winning actor Jack Cassidy.

Who is Shaun Cassidy’s brother?

David Cassidy
Patrick CassidyRyan Cassidy
Shaun Cassidy/Brothers

Does Parker Stevenson have a girlfriend?

Stevenson married celebrity chef Lisa Schoen on September 29, 2018 at the Demetria Vineyards in Los Olivos, California.

Does Parker Stevenson smoke?

Despite the differences in taste, constitution, and religion – she was a rap loving, vegetable eating, nicotine smoking Scientologist and he was a classical music aficionado who, aside from being addicted to sugar, had a disdain for smoking and was a proud Episcopalian.

Who are the characters in the Hardy Boys?

The two brothers, Frank and Joe, solved mysteries together all over their hometown of Bayport in books for decades before taking on TV from 1977 to 1979 on ABC, right alongside fellow teen sleuth Nancy Drew. And, like the characters themselves, the Hardy Boys cast was jam-packed with familiar and popular faces (and names!).

Who was Shaun Cassidy in the Hardy Boys?

Shaun Cassidy, younger half-brother of musician David Cassidy, was an up-and-coming teen pop star when he was cast in the series. His musical interests were worked into storylines.

Is the Hardy Boys series still on TV?

The “Hardy Boys” mystery novel series turned television show caused suspense and excitement to its viewers in the ‘70s and is still remembered today. Baby boomers are sure to remember the “Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew” mystery books that had them anticipating the next release.

When did the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries start?

The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (re-titled The Hardy Boys for season three) is a television mystery series based on the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew novel series. The series, which ran from January 30, 1977 to January 14, 1979, was produced by Glen A. Larson from Universal Television for ABC.

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