Who made MiP?

Who made MiP?

WowWee designed MiP and MiPosaur with GestureSense sensors and programmed specific responses to different hand movements. This dual-wheel balancing robot can carry its own weight, navigate its environment, respond to gestures & your smart device, play games, & dance.

When did MiP the robot come out?

June 1, 2018
Product information

Product Dimensions 6.75 x 5 x 10.25 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Release date June 1, 2018
Mfg Recommended age 8 – 15 years
Manufacturer WowWee

Who owns WowWee?

Optimal Group, Inc.
WowWee/Parent organizations

What is the app for MiP?

Meet MiP™, your new robotic friend. MiP loves balancing, playing games and exploring! Have a MiP? Drive – Drive MiP around with either single or dual joystick control.

What do the MiP colors mean?

Each MiP has 7 pre-programmed “modes” that can be selected by spinning one of it’s wheels each with its own corresponding color that lights up on MiP’s chest. These modes include: MiP Default (Blue), Stack (Pink), Cage (White), Tricks (Red), Roam (Yellow), Dance (Turquoise), and Tracking (Orange).

What is the newest WowWee robot?

Robosapien X™ is an exciting update to WowWee’s award-winning iconic humanoid robot. 14” tall and designed by a NASA scientist, he’s fast moving, full functioned and comes to life using either the included controller or via iOS or Android device with the new IR dongle.

What can the Robosapien do?

Overview. The toy is capable of a walking motion without recourse to wheels within its feet. It can grasp objects with either of its hands, and throw grasped objects. It has a small loudspeaker unit, which can broadcast several different vocalizations.

What batteries does MiP take?

MiP™ requires 4 x “AAA” size alkaline batteries (not included). 2. Using a Phillips screwdriver (not included) remove the screws on the battery compartment cover located on the back of the robot.

Why does my MiP keep falling over?

Low battery power may cause a slow down or loss of functionality of the MiP. Replace the batteries using this guide. Dust and dirt may gather in the wheels or axels of the MiP. If the wheels are clear of obstructions or damage, the motors may be malfunctioning.

How much did robosapien cost?

The original Robosapien, introduced last year, was an unexpectedly funny bionic buddy, and a runaway success: to date, 2.3 million units have been sold. The newer version comes at a higher price—$250 instead of $100—but with jacked-up specs and capabilities.

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