Who is the Lemon Lady in Hollis Woods?

Who is the Lemon Lady in Hollis Woods?

Who was the Lemon Lady? She was the foster mother that Hollis loved the most. She was in charge at the agency. She was the foster woman Hollis was living with when she was in kindergarten.

Who is Beatrice in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Beatrice – Josie’s cousin with whom she is very close. She is also a retired art teacher (like Josie) and now owns a movie theater. Henry – Josie’s cat. The Mustard Woman – The lady who took Hollis to Josie.

What is the silver bullet in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The Silver Bullet is Josie’s car which is frequently out of gas. Hollis fills it when they run to Branches.

What does Hollis think of when she thinks of her W picture?

she thinks of the poor washing machine kid who cried over her ruined picture when she thinks of the W picture.

Why didn’t Josie have to pay when she took Hollis to the movies?

Why didn’t Josie have to pay money when she took Hollis to the movie? Her cousin, Beatrice, owns the movie. They “pay their way” by making the popcorn. How did Josie and Hollis help out before the movie started?

What is the plot of Pictures of Hollis Woods?

After running away from her last foster placement with the Regan family, twelve year old Hollis Woods is placed with a new foster mother, the loving, retired art teacher, Josie Cahill. Hollis is a talented artist and her life stories unfold through her pictures.

What happened to Josie in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

Josie is slowly sinking into dementia, and Hollis knows that if the mustard woman discovers the truth she will not be allowed to stay.

What is the main problem in Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The external conflict of this story is that Hollis continually runs away from foster homes. Even when she is with the Regans, where she feels that she belongs, she still runs away. I believe this has to do with her feeling that she is trouble and that she messes everything up.

What is the setting of the book Pictures of Hollis Woods?

The setting is mostly at Josie’s lovely house. Before that, she was at the Reagans’ country styled house in the mountains. At the end of the book Josie and Hollis ran away to the house in branches so Hollis could stay with Josie. This took place during somewhere around 1990s to present day.

What did the mustard lady tell Hollis when she got back from the jetty?

Mustard Woman would take her away if she didn’t go. The mustard woman just told Josie and Hollis that Hollis needs a new foster home.

What excuse did Hollis tell the mustard lady told Josie in order to skip school?

She tells the mustard woman that she told Josie that it was a holiday teachers conference and she writes herself notes to excuse her from school. What does Hollis know about Josie that the mustard woman doesn’t? That she has forgetfulness.

Why didn’t Hollis go home with Mr Reagan?

Hollis went to the conference room because Mr. Reagan wanted to talk to her. The old man wanted Hollis to come back but she didn’t want to because it was her fault and if she were to come back then they’d always blame Steven.

Who is the mustard woman in Hollis Woods?

The Mustard Woman – The lady who took Hollis to Josie. Critics praised Giff’s work in this book. According to the School Library Journal, “Giff masterfully weaves these two strands together in a surprising and satisfying ending.

Who are the main characters in pictures of Hollis Woods?

Hollis is a twelve year old foster child. She is the main character in Pictures of Hollis Woods. She doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere and doesn’t think she is worthy of anybodys love. She loves to make art and draws pictures of all of the fun memorys she had with the Regans that summer.

Why did Hollis Woods say she did the assignment wrong?

The assignment had been to find a picture of something beginning with the letter W, and Hollis’s teacher had said she did it wrong because family starts with F. She had not stayed to hear Hollis explain that the picture did stand for something starting with W: it showed her dearest wish.

Who are Josie and Beatrice in pictures of Hollis Woods?

In Pictures of Hollis Woods, Josie and Beatrice are cousins who welcome Hollis into their close knit circle. At the beginning of the story, Hollis has run away from the Regan home, where her foster…

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