Who is related to Ray J?

Who is related to Ray J?

Ray J
Parent(s) Willie Norwood Sonja Norwood
Relatives Brandy Norwood (sister) Snoop Dogg (cousin) Sasha Banks (cousin)
Musical career
Genres R&B

Is Sasha banks Ray J cousin?

Not only is she related to Dogg, Banks is also the first cousin of Ray J and Brandy Norwood. The pair of them are singers while Banks is also the first cousin of music producer Daz Dillinger.

Who is Ray J’s sister?

Ray J/Sisters

How are Ray J and Brandy related?

Yes, Ray J and Brandy are siblings, which means they share the same parents. The brother and sister were born to Sonja Norwood, who is famous for managing some of the biggest celebrities and also directing and counseling music artists. Sonja is the wife of Willie Norwood Sr., with whom she shares her two children.

Are Brandy and Snoop cousins?

Snoop Dogg is related to Brandy and Ray J As a first cousin to Snoop Dogg, she witnessed firsthand how difficult the music industry could be. Snoop Dogg has worked with his younger cousin on several occasions, and has featured her in several music videos, including for his song “Special.”

Is Monica and Ludacris related?

Monica and Ludacris are related through marriage and grew up together. The singer’s mother married the rapper’s uncle. “Before there was Ludacris and Monica, there was Christopher Bridges and Mo and we were just always close,” said Monica.

Is Snoop and Ray J related?

Snoop Dogg The Doggfather is also a cousin of Brandy and Ray J. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his extensive career — which began in earnest in 1992, after Dr. Dre discovered him — has made him one of the wealthiest rappers in the world.

Are Brandy and Snoop Dogg related?

Who is Brandy Norwood husband?

Ryan Press
At the end of 2012, Norwood became engaged to music executive Ryan Press.

Is Lala and Ludacris related?

After working a radio show together, Christopher ‘Ludacris’ Bridges and Alani ‘Lala’ Vasquez developed a close friendship. The two are still close to this day and Luda who Lala deems her ‘big brother’ even appeared on her reality TV show to dish out advice.

Who is Brandy Norwood brother?

Ray J

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