Who is Jim Burden quizlet?

Who is Jim Burden quizlet?

Who is Jim Burden? He is the narrator and the one who helps teach Antonia.

What happened on the first of November in My Antonia?

Peter told his troubles to Mr. Shimerda: he was unable to meet a note which fell due on the first of November; had to pay an exorbitant bonus on renewing it, and to give a mortgage on his pigs and horses and even his milk cow.

How does Jim’s grandmother feel about the badger who lives in the burdens garden?

In the garden, Jim’s grandmother points out a badger hole. She says she won’t kill the badger because she feels friendly towards the local animals. She leaves Jim alone in the garden after she gets her potatoes. Jim leans against a pumpkin and feels at one with nature.

What race is Antonia in My Antonia?

The author of the youthful recollection that makes up the body of the novel. As a youth in Nebraska, Jim develops a close friendship with a Bohemian immigrant girl, Ántonia Shimerda.

Who is Jim Burden?

The protagonist of My Ántonia and the narrator of most of the novel. Orphaned at the age of ten, he comes to live with his grandparents on the Nebraska prairie. Jim is reflective, studious, and a “romantic.” He feels deeply connected to the land.

Who is Wick Cutter What is his reputation?

Summary: Chapter XI Jim describes the Cutters as a detestable Black Hawk couple, generally loathed by the populace: Wick Cutter is a devious moneylender who makes his money by manipulating farmers into accepting unwise loans, and Mrs.

Who married Jim Burden?

It might be too much to expect Jim to marry Antonia, even though he has just admitted that Antonia could be “anything” to him, even a sweetheart or a wife, even though later in the novel Jim acknowledges to Antonia’s sons that he “was very much in love with your mother once” (376), and even though his friend Mrs.

Who did Jim meet in Lincoln My Antonia?

One evening, during the spring of his sophomore year, Jim is deep in thought when someone knocks at his door. He is slow to recognize his visitor, but soon realizes that it is Lena Lingard, dressed in her city finery.

Who is Ole Benson?

Ole Benson: A crazy Norwegian man who likes watching Lena herd cattle. The townspeople are in shock over Ole’s public declaration of his lust for Lena, when he takes her home after church.

Who is Otto in My Antonia?

Otto Fuchs is a farmhand who works for Jim’s grandparents. Jim admires him as a quintessential cowboy. In this way, Otto embodies the ideals of masculinity that are lacking in the far more passive Jim. Otto is also an immigrant; he came to America from Austria.

Who is Jim Burden My Ántonia?

How old is Jim at the end of My Ántonia?

Over the course of the novel, Jim ages from a ten-year-old boy into a middle-aged man, and grows from a shy orphan into a successful lawyer for the railroad companies, acquiring an impressive education along the way at the University of Nebraska and Harvard.

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