Who invented the potato omelette?

Who invented the potato omelette?

general Tomás de Zumalacárregui
Apparently, in 1519 the egg omelette was already known , but it is not until 1817 that the first document that refers to the potato omelette appears. A legend said that the general Tomás de Zumalacárregui, during the siege of Bilbao, invented the potato omelette as a fast and nutritious dish for his hungry soldiers.

What is the history of Spanish omelette?

The first versions of the omelette date back to the sixteenth century both in Europe and in Latin America, where the Aztecs consumed a plate-shaped cake with scrambled eggs along with other ingredients. However, the Spanish omelette was not created until the Spanish discovered the potatoes via the Incas.

Who came up with the Tortilla Espanola?

The Carlist War period (a series of civil wars in Spain) in the mid-1800s brought two more stories of the history of the tortilla española. The first is that a Basque general during the siege of Bilbao invented the dish himself in order to quickly feed his troops.

What region of Spain is Tortilla Espanola from?

Another story places the creation of the tortilla in the town of Villanueva de la Serena, in the province of Badajoz, in southwestern part of the country, in the late 18th century, so a few decades before the first theory around the general.

When was Spanish omelette invented?

History and Agroecology of the Andean Tuber), uses specific data to place the origin of the Spanish omelet in the town of Villanueva de la Serena (Badajoz), referring to the Spanish omelet in 1798, some twenty years before the document of The Court of Navarre and it attributes its invention to Joseph de Tena Godoy and …

What is the difference between an omelette and a Spanish omelette?

Omelettes are shallow and folded, sometimes containing additional ingredients, normally cheese, ham and mushrooms. Spanish tortilla are a deep omelette containing sliced potatoes and possibly a little onion.

When was the Spanish omelette invented?

Where does the omelette originate from?

ancient Persia
The earliest omelettes are believed to have originated in ancient Persia. According to Breakfast: A History, they were “nearly indistinguishable” from the Iranian dish kookoo sabzi. According to Alan Davidson, the French word omelette (French: [ɔm.

When was the Tortilla Espanola created?

The tortilla de patatas was born in the XIXth century. It was then a plate mainly prepared by poor people, who could not buy many eggs and vegetables, very expensive in the town, so they added potatoes to their omelet in order to make a more substantial and affordable food.

What’s the difference between an omelette and a Spanish omelette?

Why is a Spanish omelette Spanish?

The Spaniards mistook the potatoes for sweet potatoes due to their similar appearance and that is why they started to call them potatoes, and the name is still used nowadays. There are several theories regarding the exact moment when these two ingredients were combined, creating the recipe for the Spanish omelet.

Where did frittatas come from?

The origin of the word frittata is the Italian friggere, “fried,” and in Italy it was once a common way to describe any egg dish cooked in butter or oil in a pan.

Where did the first Spanish omelet come from?

The Origins. Perhaps due to it being such a simple dish similar to many other egg-based omelets, little is known of the exact origins of the Spanish omelet. The first reference to the dish is believed to have been found in an anonymous letter addressed to the court of Navarre dating from 1817.

How did the potato omelette get its name?

Tortilla, in European Spanish, means omelette. As such, a potato omelette is a tortilla de patatas or papas. As the dish has gained international popularity, and perhaps to avoid being mixed up with the thin flatbread made out of wheat or maize popular in Latin america, the española or Spanish naming gained traction.

How to make a Spanish style potato omelet?

There’s nothing too fancy about this rustic Spanish style omelet, just lots of hearty goodness from crispy fried potatoes and onions. Chopped tomatoes and green onions lend even more flavor and color. In a large frying pan or skillet, heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Sprinkle potatoes lightly with salt and pepper.

What’s the difference between an omelette and a Spanish tortilla?

In Spanish tortilla is the diminutive form of torta “cake”; this dish is called tortilla de patatas or tortilla española to distinguish it from a plain omelette (tortilla francesa, literally “French small cake”). These dishes are unrelated to the maize or wheat tortilla of Mexico and neighbouring countries, which is a thin flatbread.

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