Who hosted the 2009 World Cup?

Who hosted the 2009 World Cup?

2009 ICC World Twenty20

Dates 5 June – 21 June 2009
Host(s) England
Champions Pakistan (1st title)
Runners-up Sri Lanka
Participants 12 (from 16 entrants)

Who won the World Cup 2008?

Manchester United
The day Manchester United became champions of the world!

Who won FIFA Under 17 World Cup 2009?

2009 FIFA U-17 World Cup

FIFA U-17 World Cup Nigeria 2009
Champions Switzerland (1st title)
Runners-up Nigeria
Third place Spain
Fourth place Colombia

Which country won the FIFA Confederations Cup 2009?

2009 FIFA Confederations Cup

FIFA Sokker-Konfederasiebeker in 2009
Champions Brazil (3rd title)
Runners-up United States
Third place Spain
Fourth place South Africa

Who won the T20 in 2009?

Pakistan national cricket team
2009 ICC World Twenty20/Champion

Who won the World Cup 2010?

Spain national football team
2010 FIFA World Cup/Champion

Who won World Cup in 2012?

West Indies cricket team
2012 ICC World Twenty20/Champion

When did Nigeria carried World Cup?

Nigeria have appeared in the finals of the FIFA World Cup on six occasions, the first being in 1994 where they reached the second round. Their sixth and most recent appearance at the finals was the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia….By match.

Opponent Italy
Score 1–2 (a.e.t.)
Result L
Venue Foxborough
Nigeria scorers Amuneke

Who has won the most u17 World Cup?

Nigeria is the most successful nation in the tournament’s history, with five titles and three runners up. Brazil is the second-most successful with four titles and two runners-up. Ghana and Mexico have won the tournament twice.

Who won the 2013 Confederations Cup?

Brazil national football team
2013 FIFA Confederations Cup/Champion

Who won the 2010 Cricket World Cup?

England cricket team
2010 ICC World Twenty20/Champion

Who is the current T20 champion?

Australia are the current T20 World Cup holders, having beaten New Zealand in the 2021 final, winning their first title….ICC Men’s T20 World Cup.

T20 World Cup Trophy
Administrator International Cricket Council (ICC)
Number of teams 16 20 (2024 onwards)
Current champion Australia (1st title)

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