Which Sprouse twin is hotter?

Which Sprouse twin is hotter?

Cole Sprouse
Cole Sprouse is Officially the Hotter Twin.

Which Sprouse twin is cuter?

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are identical twins, but everyone knows Dylan is cuter. Maybe it has something to do with their respective roles on “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody;” Dylan played Zack, the cool ladies’ man, while Cole played Cody, the geeky bookworm.

How do I tell my Sprouse twins apart?

However, there’s another way to tell them apart other than just hair color. Dylan has a mole on the left side of his upper lip, while Cole has one on the left side of his chin.

Do the Sprouse twins live together?

“We still FaceTime every day, for every year of my life.” He added that Cole has been self-isolating with another Riverdale co-star, KJ Apa. “Him and KJ in the very beginning of quarantine ended up staying together at KJ’s place in Los Angeles. So, they’re isolating together, which is very cute,” Sprouse explained.

Did the Sprouse twins dye their hair?

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse also had to dye their hair for their roles, but their colors are much easier to achieve. According to “Riverdale” hairstylist Rosa Terracciano, Apa’s hair color requires the most upkeep.

Is Dylan Sprouse naturally blonde?

If you grew up watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, you know the Sprouse twins have always been blonde. But like many of us, their hair darkened as they grew up to a light brown. Many years later and they’ve both switched it up. This is a platinum blonde that makes the 28-year-old look hotter than ever.

Do the Sprouse brothers have siblings?

Dylan Sprouse
Cole Sprouse/Siblings

Who Cole Sprouse dated?

Sprouse called actress and dancer Alyson Stoner his “girlfriend” in a 2004 interview with Access Hollywood. He has also been linked to Bree Morgan, Victoria Justice, Sophie Oda, Katelyn Pippy, Erin Barr and Maiara Walsh.

Are the Sprouse twins close?

The Disney Channel alum added that he and Cole, 27, are still very close and come to each other for advice — including on relationships. “Well, I mean he is my twin brother,” Dylan said. “I love him very much. We talk every day and we play video games together.

Which twin is in Riverdale?

Sprouse later went on to create his own comic book saga, titled SunEater. For his brother, Cole Sprouse, that means starring in the drama series, Riverdale, as the “weirdo” photographer, Jughead Jones.

Which twin is Zack?

The Disney Channel series, which premiered in March 2005, featured twin brothers Dylan Sprouse and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody Martin, respectively. The twins lived in the Tipton Hotel, because their mother was the lounge singer.

Does Lily still talk to Cole?

April 21, 2020 “Their relationship is always up and down but they do talk every day and care very much about one another,” the source said. “Lili and Cole have been trying to be more low-key.”

What are some of the benefits of having twins?

Their relationship is very special. They always have a friend the same age to play with, go places, and share experiences. The very first beach visit, petting zoo, fireworks show, etc. is way more exciting when you’re sharing it with your best friend who is also experiencing it for the first time! benefits of having twins

Why are identical twins in the Parent Trap?

Furthermore, identical twins have a benefit when it comes to trying on clothes — only one twin has to go through the hassle of trying on a new outfit in the store. Like we have seen with the twins in The Parent Trap and in other movies, identical twins have the ability to “trick” others by pretending to be their twin.

What are the pros and cons of being identical twins?

Being an identical twin may have its pluses and minuses, with some twins loving the thought of having a doppelganger and others going to extremes to look completely different from their counterpart. Below, I have provided some pros and cons of identical twins.

Is it better to have twins or singletons?

But even if you have a singleton afterward it will be easier to carry, deliver, and care for one baby because you’ve been there, done that x2. benefits of having twins Cooking for 2 is more fun and it’s worth it, not only from the economical point of view.

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