Which of the following kingdoms contains multicellular organisms that ingest their food?

Which of the following kingdoms contains multicellular organisms that ingest their food?

The Kingdom Animalia comprises multicelluar organisms that digest their food.

What kingdom has multicellular organisms?

Kingdom Animalia
Kingdom Animalia is comprised of multicellular, heterotrophic organisms. This kingdom includes humans and other primates, insects, fish, reptiles, and many other types of animals. Kingdom Plantae includes multicellular, autotrophic organisms.

Which kingdom contains multicellular organisms that ingest their food quizlet?

Organisms in Kingdom Animalia INGEST their food, and most are motile. Like plants ,they have complex and specialized cells.

Which kingdom can be unicellular or multicellular and absorb food?

Kingdom Fungi: A fungus is a unicellular or multi cellular eukaryote that absorbs nutrients from organic materials in its environment.

Do bacteria digest food externally?

Heterotrophic organisms such as bacteria and fungi, which require organic nutrients yet lack adaptations for ingesting bulk food, also rely on direct absorption of small nutrient molecules. In other words, the bacteria and fungi perform extracellular digestion—digestion outside cells—before ingesting the food.

Which taxonomic domain includes multicellular photosynthetic organism?

Which taxonomic domain includes multicellular photosynthetic organisms? (Plants and certain algae are multicellular photosynthetic organisms included in the kingdom Plantae of the domain Eukarya.) Competition is central to the theory of natural selection.

What kingdom includes unicellular and multicellular organisms?

Kingdom Protista
Kingdom Protista includes all eukaryotes that are not animals, plants, or fungi. Kingdom Protista is very diverse. It consists of both single-celled and multicellular organisms.

Which kingdom is part of eukarya and only includes multicellular organisms?

The Domain Archaea has only one kingdom, the Kingdom Archaea. The Domain Eukarya consists of four kingdoms: Protista, Plantae, Fungi, and Animalia. Kingdom Protista consists of eukaryotic organisms that are primarily unicellular and other, simple multicellular relatives, such as slime mold or algae.

Which is a kingdom made up of eukaryotic multicellular organisms that ingest their food?

6 Kingdoms Review Flash Cards

All members of this kingdom are multicellular and ingest their food. Kingdom Animalia (animal kingdom)
One member of this kingdom looks like a spinning ball. It is really a colony of unicellular organisms that contain several nuclei and chlorophyll. Kingdom Protista (protist kingdom)

What kingdom is photosynthetic multicellular terrestrial?

Kingdom Plantae—which includes mosses, ferns, conifers and flowering plants—plays a significant and fundamental role in many terrestrial ecosystems as the first step of many food webs.

Which eukaryotic organisms absorbs food from the environment?

A multicellular/unicellular eukaryotic organism that obtains its food by absorbing nutrients from the environment belongs to the kingdom Fungi. The organisms belonging to the kingdom Protista and Monera are unicellular. Organisms belonging to the kingdom Animalia are multicellular.

Who performs external digestion?

Some organisms employ external digestion whereas others use internal digestion. Many fungi, for instance, use external digestion in which food is digested from the outside through secreting enzymes that degrade food material and then absorbed through diffusion.

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