Which fuel contributes the most to the greenhouse effect?

Which fuel contributes the most to the greenhouse effect?

The largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from human activities in the United States is from burning fossil fuels for electricity, heat, and transportation.

How does fossil fuels contribute to climate change?

What is the impact of fossil fuels on our planet? When fossil fuels are burned, they release large amounts of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the air. Greenhouse gases trap heat in our atmosphere, causing global warming.

What contributes to global warming the most?

Most come from the combustion of fossil fuels in cars, buildings, factories, and power plants. The gas responsible for the most warming is carbon dioxide, or CO2.

Which of the following contributes to the greenhouse effect?

-The gases in the atmosphere which are most responsible for keeping the earth’s surface warm are called greenhouse gases. -Carbon dioxide , methane , CFCs and nitrous oxide are also termed as radiatively active gases. -Among the greenhouse gases CO2 is most abundant contributing maximum 60% to the greenhouse effect.

Which gases contribute to the greenhouse effect quizlet?

The main gases in our atmosphere that contribute to the greenhouse effect are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and water.

How do fossil fuels cause air pollution?

When fossil fuels are burned, they release nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, which contribute to the formation of smog and acid rain. The most common nitrogen-related compounds emitted into the air by human activities are collectively referred to as nitrogen oxides.

Which of the following is a fossil fuel?

Fossil fuels include coal, petroleum, natural gas, oil shales, bitumens, tar sands, and heavy oils. All contain carbon and were formed as a result of geologic processes acting on the remains of organic matter produced by photosynthesis, a process that began in the Archean Eon (4.0 billion to 2.5 billion years ago).

What are the 5 main causes of global warming?

5 Causes of Global Warming

  • Greenhouse Gases Are the Main Reasons for Global Warming.
  • Cause #1: Variations in the Sun’s Intensity.
  • Cause #2: Industrial Activity.
  • Cause #3: Agricultural Activity.
  • Cause #4: Deforestation.
  • Cause #5: Earth’s Own Feedback Loop.

Which of the following gas has highest contribution in global warming?

The correct answer is carbon-di-oxide. Carbon-di-oxide has the highest contribution to global warming. Global warming is a gradual increase in the earth’s temperature. In the greenhouse, effect heat is trapped close to the surface of the Earth by “greenhouse gases.”

What are the two main gases responsible for greenhouse effect quizlet?

What are the gases of greenhouse effect?

The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor (which all occur naturally), and fluorinated gases (which are synthetic).

What are fossil fuels How do fossil fuels cause air pollution Class 8?

Answer: Burning of fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal results in air pollution. This is because burning of fuels in thermal power plants and automobiles releases harmful chemicals such as oxides of sulphur and nitrogen into the air.

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