Where was if it makes you happy filmed?

Where was if it makes you happy filmed?

Music video She then walks down a city street, rides a subway, is shown on a boardwalk, buys coffee at a mall, and then returns to the apartment. The second video was shot in color and features Crow in the Endangered Species section of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

Did Sheryl Crow ever marry?

Crow has never been married, but she has been in relationships with a few famous men along the way. Crow has referred to him as “a really good friend of mine.” She also went out with actor Owen Wilson for a couple of years. She’s said that the song she released in 2002, “Safe and Sound,” was dedicated to Wilson.

What album is if it makes you happy on?

Sheryl Crow
If It Makes You Happy/Album

When did if it makes you happy come out?

In Canada, on September 2, 1996, “If It Makes You Happy” debuted at number 78 on the RPM Top Singles chart. Ten issues later, on November 11, it topped the chart for a single week. It also reached number one on RPM ‘ s Adult Contemporary and Alternative 30 listings.

When did Sheryl Crow release if it makes you happy?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ” If It Makes You Happy ” is a song by American singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow, released as the lead single from her 1996 eponymous album in September 1996. The song peaked at number 10 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and won Best Female Rock Vocal Performance at the 1997 Grammy Awards.

Why did she write if it makes you happy?

Crow’s lyrics are a reflection on the massive success of her debut, with her stint at the muddy, mosquito-ridden Woodstock ’94 festival serving as a metaphorical narrative for the stinging accusations and acrimony that followed.” A. “If It Makes You Happy” (edit) – 4:30

What are the songs on if it makes you happy?

Track listings 1 “If It Makes You Happy” (LP version) – 5:23 2 “Keep On Growing” – 5:24 3 “I’m Going to Be a Wheel Someday” – 3:38 4 “No One Said It Would Be Easy” (Live in Nashville) – 5:37

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