Where does Valerie Thomas live now?

Where does Valerie Thomas live now?

In conclusion, Dr. Valerie L. Thomas is 71 years of age and still living in Maryland.

What is Valerie Thomas full name?

Valerie LaVerne Thomas, scientist, mathematician, physicist, and inventor, was born on February 1, 1943 in Baltimore, Maryland. Reared in the historic all-Black Cherry Hill community, Valerie’s parents were her first role models.

What does Valerie Thomas do now?

Thomas retired from NASA and as SSDOO associate chief at the end of August 1995. All during her NASA career Valerie thrived on projects that have offered her a challenge. She developed real-time computer data systems to support satellite operations control centers (1964-1970).

How old is Valerie Thomas?

78 years (February 8, 1943)
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Valerie L. Thomas (born February 8, 1943) is an American scientist and inventor. She invented the illusion transmitter, for which she received a patent in 1980. She was responsible for developing the digital media formats image processing systems used in the early years of the Landsat program.

Did Valerie Thomas create 3D movies?

Valerie Thomas, a graduate of Morgan State​ University, who invented the 3D movie. Morgan State University is home to the Bears in Baltimore, Maryland. Valerie Thomas invented the illusion transmitter which was the first mechanism that allowed images to be viewed in 3D using concave mirrors and rays of light.

Did Valerie Thomas create 3D?

Valerie Thomas is an American scientist and inventor who patented the illusion transmitter in 1980. Her invention transmits an optical illusion of a 3D image between concave mirrors that looks real on the receiving end. NASA continues to use her technology to this day.

When was Valerie Thomas born?

February 8, 1943 (age 78 years)
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Who created 3 D movies?

Early patents and tests. In the late 1890s, British film pioneer William Friese-Greene filed a patent for a 3D film process. In his patent, two films were projected side by side on screen. The viewer looked through a stereoscope to converge the two images.

Who created 3D movies?

Where and when was Valerie Thomas born?

February 8, 1943 (age 78 years), Maryland
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Did Valerie Thomas invent the 3D movie?

What did Valerie Thomas invent?

the illusion transmitter
Valerie Thomas is an American scientist and inventor who patented the illusion transmitter in 1980. After seeing an illusion that involved concave mirrors and light bulbs in a museum, she became curious about how she might apply concave mirrors in her work at NASA.

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