Where does the song Buttons and Bows come from?

Where does the song Buttons and Bows come from?

The Paleface
“Buttons and Bows” was written for the 1948 movie The Paleface” where it was sung by Bob Hope to his co-star Jane Russell; but this was not the song’s introduction. Buttons and Bows” is one of those songs with two sets of lyrics one to be sung by a man, the other by a woman.

What are musical buttons and bows?

The song was published in 1947. The song was written for and appeared in the Bob Hope and Jane Russell film The Paleface and won the Academy Award for Best Original Song….Buttons and Bows.

“Buttons and Bows”
Songwriter(s) Jay Livingston and Ray Evans

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Who wrote the song Buttons and Bows?

Ray Evans
Buttons and Bows/Lyricists

Who sang buttons and bows with Bob Hope?

Bob Hope
Buttons and Bows/Artists

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Who wrote heart and soul?

Hoagy Carmichael
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Heart and Soul/Composers

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What is the healthiest cat food brand?

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