Where do you enter Moshi codes?

Where do you enter Moshi codes?

Secret Codes are codes that can be entered at the Secret Codes page of the Moshi Monsters website and which will give you various items after entering.

Is Moshi Monsters still a thing?

Closure. On the 13th of November 2019, Mind Candy announced that Moshi Monsters would be closing down on 13 December, 2019 due to the end of support for Adobe Flash Player. On 13 December 2019, the game’s servers had shut down as planned, and the website has been defunct ever since.

How do you level up fast on Moshi Monsters?

Gaining XP

  1. Purchasing Food or Items (does not include obtaining by Secret Code);
  2. Receiving Mystery Gifts;
  3. Completing Quests;
  4. Playing Minigames (including those of the Party Palace, excluding those of the Moshi Fun Park);
  5. Completing the Daily Challenge;
  6. And completing Super Moshi Missions.

How do you get Rox?

Random Rox gives 250 Rox, and majority of other Daily Growl contests give 5,000 Rox. 2,000 Rox is awarded to those who win MonSTAR of the Week and Room of the Week. Rox were hard to earn during the beta stages, but since then many other ways of earning Rox have been added.

What is the rarest moshling?

I.G.G.Y. is probably the most popular Moshling. He is also the second rarest, coming after Oddie and before Scamp.

What was the first moshling?

Moshlings were first released on September 8th, 2008, as indicated by The Daily Growl. As such, Moshlings debuted here. When Moshlings are clicked or tapped on, they each make their own sound.

How do you get more Rox on Moshi Monsters rewritten?

How do you get Rox on Moshi Monsters rewritten?

  1. Minigames.
  2. Secret Codes.
  3. Daily Challenge.
  4. Food Factory.
  5. Mystery Gifts.
  6. The Daily Growl.
  7. Merchandise items.
  8. Dodgy Dealz.

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