Where are the Whitakers based?

Where are the Whitakers based?

John, Clare and their family live in West Yorkshire in the village of Upper Cumberworth, right on the edge of the Pennines. The farm is set on the hill above 140 acres of land. It has stabling for 36 horses and purpose-built pens to house the young horses and cattle.

Who is Ellen Whitaker’s dad?

Steven Whitaker
Ellen Whitaker/Fathers
Career. Competing since the age of 5, Whitaker has had much experience in the equestrian world and qualified for HOYS at just 8 years old. In 2006, Whitaker and her father Steven Whitaker were hit with a legal dispute over ownership of thirteen horses, including her top horse Locarno.

How old is Ellen Whitaker?

35 years (March 5, 1986)
Ellen Whitaker/Age
The 35-year-old has enjoyed an impressive number of wins during her career. She won the Hickstead speed derby twice; the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) Grand Prix; the British Open; and the puissance at Olympia, HOYS and Madrid with Ladina B.

Who is Michael Whitaker married to?

Melissa Braybrookem. 2013
Michael Whitaker/Spouse

Michael and Melissa married on the 13 August 2013 in a registry office in Nottinghamshire. They live at Whatton, Nottinghamshire with their children Jack, Molly and Katy.

Is Whitaker an Irish name?

The name Whitaker has a long Anglo-Saxon heritage. The settlement of Wheatacre is in Norfolk, while Whiteacre in Waltham is in Kent; both of these names literally mean wheat-field. The place named Whitacre is in Warwickshire, while High Whitaker is in Lancashire; these names both mean white field.

Is Whitaker still competing?

John Whitaker is one of the most admired showjumping riders worldwide and is still going strong at the age of 63. He has competed in dozens of major international championships collecting 24 medals at Olympic, World and European championships during his long and successful career to date.

Why did Ellen Whitaker and Henry Cavill split?

For those who don’t know who Ellen Whitaker is, she is known for being a horseback rider. She is part of a horse jumping dynasty and it was reported that they called off the engagement because she wanted to focus on her horses instead of a future marriage with Henry.

How rich is Henry Cavill?

Henry Cavill Net Worth 2021: Car, Salary, Earnings, Assets

Net Worth: $40 Million
Date of Birth: May 5, 1983
Gender: Male
Height: 1.80 m. (6′ 0”)
Profession: Actor

How tall is Ellen Whitaker?

5′ 9″
Ellen Whitaker/Height

Who are the Whitaker brothers?

Kenn Whitaker
Damon Whitaker
Forest Whitaker/Brothers
Forest Whitaker’s siblings are also actors The “Last King of Scotland” star has two brothers, Kenn and Damon. The acting bug is present in all members of the Whitaker family as both of them have appeared in some films.

Who is Joe Whitaker?

Joe Whitaker has show jumping in his blood. Growing up in the world-famous Whitaker family has moulded Joe into a talented rider he is today. He has already secured several impressive wins, including a European Team Bronze Medal, 2006 National Championship and 2012 under 25’s Championship.

What is an inbred family?

Inbreeding is the production of offspring from the mating of individuals who are closely related. Out of the group, 125 people met the inbreeding criteria, meaning the parents were either first-degree relatives (siblings) or second-degree relatives (aunts, uncles, etc.).

Who are the parents of actress Ellen Whitaker?

Ellen Whitaker’s mother’s name is Carole Whitaker and her father’s name is Steven Whitaker. We will continue to update information on Ellen Whitaker’s parents. Like many famous people and celebrities, Ellen Whitaker keeps her personal life private.

When did Ellen Whitaker have her second child?

Whitaker and Soto’s second child, Frankie Thomas Marinas- Whitaker, was born on 20 March 2016. On 5 August 2016, Whitaker and Soto announced their engagement. This section needs additional citations for verification.

What was the name of Ellen Whitaker’s horse?

In 2006, Whitaker and her father Steven Whitaker were hit with a legal dispute over ownership of thirteen horses, including her top horse Locarno.

Where does Ellen Whitaker rank in the world?

Ellen Whitaker (born 5 March 1986) is an English show jumping rider, currently ranked 211 on the FEI riders Longines Ranking list in September 2019.

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