Where all has the Wife of Bath traveled?

Where all has the Wife of Bath traveled?

From this piece of information, we can assume that the Wife is now a widow, for only a widow would have had the freedom not only to run her own business, but also to travel as widely on pilgrimage as the Wife has, to Rome, Bologna, Cologne, and Gaul.

Did the Wife of Bath cheat?

She lied to him and told him he had enchanted her, and that she had dreamed that he would kill her as she slept, filling her bed with blood, which signifies gold. But, she confides to her listeners, all of this was false: she never had such a dream.

When and where does the Wife of Bath take place?

Where is each story set? A pilgrimage to Canterbury in the late 1300s. Long-ago England in the time of King Arthur.

Is the wife of Bath a virgin?

She does not envy virginity, but believes that virginity is perfection and is not meant for everyone. She says, “I nil envye no virginitee: Lat hem be breed of pured whete seed, And lat us wives hote barly breed–” (Chaucer 120). The Wife of Bath believes that the husband is his wife’s slave and owes her for life.

What does the Wife of Bath do as a job?

The Wife of Bath describes herself as a professional wife. Her actual occupation though is a seamstress. She has been married five times as well as had many different affairs. She is a very religious woman taking pride in her faith as well as the fact that she is only to be married within the church.

How do we know the Wife of Bath is wealthy?

The Wife of Bath works in business for herself as a cloth maker, so she is of the merchant class. She has been married and widowed five times, and only a widow in Chaucer’s time was allowed to own her own business. Therefore, she is a wealthy person who has made her money in business.

How did the Wife of Bath control her husbands?

God made sexual organs, she claims, for both function and for pleasure, and she does not envy any maiden her virginity. The Wife of Bath uses her sexual power to control her husbands. She would make her husbands bring her presents and put them through torments.

How old was the Wife of Bath when she was married to her first husband *?

The Wife of Bath was 12 when she first married.

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