When was Alexios komnenos born?

When was Alexios komnenos born?

Alexius I Comnenus, also spelled Alexios I Komnenos, (born 1057, Constantinople, Byzantine Empire [now Istanbul, Turkey]—died August 15, 1118), Byzantine emperor (1081–1118) at the time of the First Crusade who founded the Comnenian dynasty and partially restored the strength of the empire after its defeats by the …

Who brought the official end of the Byzantine Roman Empire?

Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II
650 and the Arab conquest of Byzantium’s eastern provinces. Most historians do agree that the Byzantine Empire terminated on Tuesday 29 May 1453, when the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II (r. 1444-6 & 1451-81) conquered Constantinople.

Is Alexios a real name?

Alexius is the Latinized form of the given name Alexios (Greek: Αλέξιος, polytonic Ἀλέξιος, “defender”, cf. Alexander), especially common in the later Byzantine Empire. The female form is Alexia (Greek: Αλεξία) and its variants such as Alessia (the masculine form of which is Alessio) in Italian.

Is Alexios a name?

The name Alexios is a boy’s name of Greek origin meaning “defending men”.

What crusade was Richard the Lionheart in?

the Third Crusade
Henry II wanted to give Aquitaine to his youngest son, John. Richard refused and, in 1189, joined forces with Philip II of France against his father, hounding him to a premature death in July 1189. As king, Richard’s chief ambition was to join the Third Crusade, prompted by Saladin’s capture of Jerusalem in 1187.

Why was Alexios V Doukas known as Murtzuphlus?

His family name was Doukas, but he was also known by the nickname Mourtzouphlos or Murtzuphlus ( Μούρτζουφλος ), referring to either bushy, overhanging eyebrows or a sullen, gloomy character. He achieved power through a palace coup, killing his predecessors in the process.

How is Alexios Doukas related to the Emperor?

It has been claimed that Alexios Doukas was a great-great-grandson of the emperor Alexios I Komnenos ( r. 1081–1118) in the female line ( cognatic descent ).

When did Alexios V become emperor of Greece?

Alexios V appears to have been acclaimed emperor as early as the night he moved against the Angeloi co-emperors, on 27 January. He was crowned soon after, on or around 5 February.

When did Alexios IV Angelos return to the throne?

Isaac II, along with his son Alexios IV Angelos, were restored to the throne through the intervention of the leaders of the Fourth Crusade in July 1203. On release, Mourtzouphlos was invested with the court position of protovestiarios (head of the imperial finances).

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