When did the Swan River Colony end?

When did the Swan River Colony end?

Swan River Colony
• Established 1829
• Disestablished 1833

What is an interesting fact about the Swan River Colony?

Western Australia does not have a convict heritage: The Swan River Colony was a representation of change. It was the first Australian colony made up of free settlers, rather than convicts. Eventually the colony was renamed in 1832 to what we know as Perth today.

What was housing like in the Swan River Colony?

All but the Page 14 24 2 The Swan River Colony: Settlement of the Southwest 1859 bishop’s residence are small brick homes in the Victorian Georgian style with thick walls, steep hipped roofs and small double hung windows with three described as having a basic four room layout.

Who Shaped the Swan River Colony?

Over 1000 Japanese divers are buried in the Japanese Cemetery in Broome, a long way from home. When Lieutenant-Governor James Stirling established Western Australia’s Swan River colony (later the city of Perth) in 1829, times were tough.

What did the Swan River Colony eat?

e two imports that provided the settlers’ staple diet during these first few years were flour (often rancid and weevil-ridden) and salt pork and beef _ the former coming from the wheat fields of England and the latter from the pastures of south-eastern Ireland.

Who discovered South Australia?

The first Europeans to explore South Australia were the crew of a Dutch vessel, the Gulden Zeepaert, led by Captain François Thijssen in 1627. From Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia, the ship followed the southern coast of Australia east for 1,000 miles, reaching the edge of the Great Australian Bight.

Is the Swan River polluted?

The main cause of the river’s chronic poor health can be traced to a cocktail of pollution entering the river system. Despite this, according to the [former government department] Swan River Trust nutrient pollution is still entering the river at roughly twice the level that the ecosystem can cope with.

What did the Swan River colony eat?

Is there gold in the Swan River Perth?

LOCAL researchers have found gold in the Swan River — sort of. In a world-first study into concentrations of gold in urban waterways, an international team led by University of WA researchers has found the City of Perth is contributing valuable metals into the Swan.

Why did the Swan River Colony develop?

The first British settlement in western Australia was the Swan River Colony, founded in 1829. It represented a change in Great Britain’s approach toward the settlement of Australia. While the earlier colonies in the southeast were mainly convict settlements, Swan River was established as a colony for free settlers.

How did Australia get its name?

The name Australia (pronounced /əˈstreɪliə/ in Australian English) is derived from the Latin australis, meaning “southern”, and specifically from the hypothetical Terra Australis postulated in pre-modern geography.

What killed the most Aborigines after Europeans arrived?

When the Europeans arrived, carrying germs which thrived in dense, semi-urban populations, the indigenous people of the Americas were effectively doomed. They had never experienced smallpox, measles or flu before, and the viruses tore through the continent, killing an estimated 90% of Native Americans.

Why did people leave the Swan River Colony?

The colony struggled in its early years, in large part because of the poor land conditions for farming. Food shortages left the settlers close to starvation, and many fled the colony; by 1832 only 1,500 people remained. An economic depression in 1843 almost brought the colony to an end.

When did Stirling arrive at the Swan River Colony?

He arrived in April 1829 and proclaimed the Swan River Colony in May. The next month Stirling arrived with the first group of European settlers on the Parmelia at the site of the future port of Fremantle.

Who was the first governor of the Swan River Colony?

He arrived in April 1829 and proclaimed the Swan River Colony in May. The next month Stirling arrived with the first group of European settlers on the Parmelia at the site of the future port of Fremantle. Stirling served as the first governor of the colony and founded the town of Perth 12 miles (19 kilometers) inland.

When was the wreck of the Swan River discovered?

The wreck was rediscovered in 1963. In 1658, three Dutch Republic ships, also partially searching for Vergulde Draeck visited the area. Waekende Boey under Captain S. Volckertszoon, Elburg under Captain J. Peereboom and Emeloort under Captain A. Joncke sighted Rottnest but did not proceed any closer to the mainland because of the many reefs.

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