When did Stan Ridgway leave Wall of Voodoo?

When did Stan Ridgway leave Wall of Voodoo?

Ridgway was terminated from his first three jobs. In 1983, shortly after Wall of Voodoo performed at California`s US Festival, he abruptly ”fired himself” (to use a phrase from his record-company publicity bio) as the band`s lead vocalist and chief songwriter and set out on a solo career.

Is Wall of Voodoo a one hit wonder?

One-Hit Wonders / Second Best Songs: Wall Of Voodoo And ‘Mexican Summer’ As part of NPR’s series “One-Hit Wonders/Second-Best Songs,” music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas recommends “Ring of Fire” by Wall of Voodoo. The band is mostly known for its 1983 hit “Mexican Radio.”

What is Stan Ridgway doing now?

Ridgway is still around; last year he released a track called “Mr. Trouble.” He put out an album with his wife, electronic musician Pietra Wexstun, called Priestess of the Promised Land in 2016. He has been married to her since 1986. He maintains a robust social media presence and the website.

What genre is Wall of Voodoo?

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Where is the band Wall of Voodoo from?

Los Angeles, CA
Wall Of Voodoo/Origin

Los Angeles, California, U.S. I.R.S. Wall of Voodoo was an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, United States, best known for its 1983 hit “Mexican Radio”.

Who is the lead singer of Wall of Voodoo?

Stan Ridgway1977 – 1983
Andy Prieboy1983 – 1988
Wall Of Voodoo/Lead singers
Emerging out of the late 1970’s LA punk/new wave scene, Wall Of Voodoo, led by songwriter/vocalist Stan Ridgway, along with Charles Gray, Oliver Nanini and brothers Bruce and Marc Moreland, released their debut full-length album Dark Continent on I.R.S. Records in 1981.

Who is the singer in Wall of Voodoo?

Stanard Ridgway (born April 5, 1954) is an American multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and film and television composer known for his distinctive voice, dramatic lyrical narratives, and eclectic solo albums. He was the original lead singer and a founding member of the band Wall of Voodoo.

Where was Stan Ridgway born?

Barstow, CA
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Where are voodoo walls from?

Who was the lead singer of Concrete Blonde?

Johnette Napolitano
Johnette Napolitano, lead singer of Concrete Blonde, has lived in Joshua Tree long enough to recognize the large rocks punctuating the Mojave Desert like exclamation marks as living entities.

What band was Stan Ridgway in?

Wall Of Voodoo1977 – 1983
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Why did Concrete Blonde break up?

A Blonde Who Had Less Fun : Pop music: Johnette Napolitano tells why she walked out of the successful Concrete Blonde. “I dropped my own hatchet and was scared to death,” Napolitano said of her decision to break up the band against the wishes of her longtime sidekicks, guitarist Jim Mankey and drummer Harry Rushakoff.

When did wall of Voodoo leave the band?

Wall of Voodoo appeared at the second US Festival on May 28, 1983 (the largest concert the band had performed), immediately after which Ridgway, Nanini, and Noland all left the band. Stan Ridgway soon went on to a successful solo career.

When did wall of Voodoo open for Oingo Boingo?

Wall of Voodoo opened for Oingo Boingo on their Nothing to Fear tour at the Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara in March 1983.

When did wall of Voodoo open for Cyndi Lauper?

A newly reformed Wall Of Voodoo recently opened for Cyndi Lauper at the 2006 Pacific Amphitheatre Summer Concert Series at the OC Fair.

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