When did SOS Island come out on Poptropica?

When did SOS Island come out on Poptropica?

SOS Island is Poptropica’s 24th island. The countdown started on January 20, 2012 and it was released on January 26 for members with a demo for non-members. It was opened to all on February 16, 2012. The Titanic sank in April 1912, almost 100 years ago from the SOS Island release date.

What’s the name of the latest island in Poptropica?

The latest island on Poptropica is called S.O.S. Island. In this new quest on Poptropica, a whale-watching expedition strikes an iceberg and begins to sink. You need to rescue everyone on board the ship before it sinks into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

How do you pass the puzzle in Poptropica?

Swim up and avoid those blobs of jelly that are jellyfishes. Go up to the top, and you’ll find a valve spraying something blue. To pass this puzzle, change the direction of the yellow arrows by clicking on them, and make the blue end of the pipe flow to the red end.

How do you level the girl in Poptropica?

Click on your bottle icon, and shoot it to the crack on the window. The water level will rise, and now go to the window on the left, which also has a crack on it. Do the same thing. The water level will rise, I mean, more than it already has, and you’ll be level with the girl.

Can you open the door of the Pequod on Poptropica?

Bye!” and I’d take off on my blimp, but this is Poptropica. So humbly, you risk your life and agree to go into that sinking ship. Walk over to the door of the Pequod (that’s the ship), and you can’t open it ’cause there’s a giant… piece of ice there.

What to do in Island help walkthroughs Poptropica?

Island Help Walkthroughs Poptropica is filled with a variety of islands, each one unique with its own stories and characters. Your mission is to help the citizens of each island solve their problems and save the day.

Which is the 24th Island in Poptropica?

S.O.S Island was the 24th island on Poptropica. It was partly based on the novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

Where can I play all episodes of poptropicon Island?

For walkthroughs on PoptropiCon Island, scroll down. Note: You can play all the episodes on Poptropica’s mobile app on iOS and Android! The computer version of the game currently only has Episode 1.

Where do you land on S.O.S Island?

When you enter the island you land on the rail of a sinking ship, the S.S. Pequod . If you head left onto the ship you will see a few Poptropicans heading right on a lifeboat. Then you’ll see a woman that looks like the assistant captain on a life preserver who jumps on the ship and comes toward you.

Where is the giant piece of ice on Poptropica?

Walk over to the door of the Pequod (that’s the ship), and you can’t open it ’cause there’s a giant… piece of ice there. So go to the left, and jump up, till you get to the other giant ice piece hanging above the first ice piece. Get here, on top of one of the life boats, on the ship.

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