When did Malcolm Sargent die?

When did Malcolm Sargent die?

October 3, 1967
Malcolm Sargent/Date of death

Where is Malcolm Sargent buried?

Conductor, Composer. Born Harold Malcolm Watts Sargent in Ashford, Kent, England, he was known by his middle name throughout his life….Sir Malcolm Sargent.

Birth 29 Apr 1895 Ashford, Ashford Borough, Kent, England
Burial Stamford Cemetery Stamford, South Kesteven District, Lincolnshire, England

Where was Malcolm Sargent born?

Ashford, United Kingdom
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What kind of music did Malcolm Sargent play?

As a result, in conjunction with Beecham, Sargent set about establishing a new orchestra, the London Philharmonic. In these years Sargent tackled a wide repertoire, recording much of it, but he was particularly noted for performances of choral pieces, most notably Handel ‘s Messiah, performed with large choruses and orchestras.

When did Malcolm Sargent take over the Proms?

As chief conductor of London’s internationally famous summer music festival the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts (“the Proms”) from 1947 to 1967, Sargent was one of the best-known English conductors. When he took over the Proms, he and two assistants conducted the two-month season between them.

Where did Malcolm Sargent work during World War 1?

Sargent worked first as an organist at St Mary’s Church, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, from 1914 to 1924, except for eight months in 1918 when he served as a private in the Durham Light Infantry during the First World War. He was chosen for the organist post over more than 150 other applicants.

How old was Malcolm Sargent when he joined the Mikado?

He studied piano and organ, and joined the local amateur operatic society, making his stage debut in The Mikado aged 13 and conducting for the first time the following year when the regular conductor was unavailable.

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