What would cause WW3?

What would cause WW3?

World War III (WWIII) was a world-wide, nuclear war, which began as a response to the unexplained destruction of Tokyo by Akira. The war began 9 hours after the destruction of Tokyo. When the rest of the world saw the city’s annihilation it saw it as a nuclear attack by a foreign nation or terrorist group thus sparking the conflict.

Will there ever be a WW3?

There are a lot of people who talk about world war 3 predictions, but the truth is that world war 3 will probably never happen in our lifetime.

When will World War three start?

Prophet Nostradamus , who accurately predicted Hitler and 9/11, claims that World War 3 will start in 2019. According to the infamous seer, 2019 is set to be the start of 27 years of misery around the globe.

Is WW3 about to start?

WW3 is about to start. N.Korea launched an ICBM . in ww3 • 2 years ago. WW3 is about to start. N.Korea launched an ICBM. This means the US must either invade or be made to look the fool. If they allow N.Korea to have a nuclear missile capable of reaching the US then Iran and every other country will follow suit.

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