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What was JS Bach like as a person?

What was JS Bach like as a person?

Bach was filled with contradictions, Gardiner discovered. He had anger management issues, and yet he had the capacity for tenderness. “He had normal flaws and failings, which make him very approachable,” Gardiner says.

What race was Bach?

Johann Sebastian Bach (31 March [O.S. 21 March] 1685 – 28 July 1750) was a German composer and musician of the late Baroque period.

What does the JS in Bach stand for?

Johann Sebastian Bach is regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time.

What was Bach addicted to?

Like Beethoven, JS Bach was seemingly addicted to coffee and is said to have consumed up to 30 cups a day. He famously wrote Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht, BWV 211 (aka the Coffee Cantata) about a woman – aptly called ‘Aria’ – attempting to overcome her addiction to the beverage.

Did Bach go deaf?

Johann Sebastian Bach was not deaf, but another famous composer was: Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven began to lose his hearing in his 20s and composed…

What was Vivaldi’s personality?

Music was an integral part of their training at the Conservatory and Vivaldi wrote over 400 concertos for his students. His personality was one of contrasts – quickly changing from irritated to very calm. His music reflected this trait. It also showed contrasts in dynamics, harmony and varied rhythms.

Are there any descendants of JS Bach?

Great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren of Johann Sebastian Bach actually are still living today. There are some seven or eight persons. They however all don’t carry the name of Bach. Actually none of them, as the male descendents of Johann Sebastian Bach have died out for a while.

What religion was JS Bach?

Notes Bach made in his own personal copy of the Bible may reveal whether or not the composer was truly religious. From 1723 until his death, J.S. Bach served as the music director of the Lutheran St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany.

Is Sebastian Bach on drugs?

Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach was taken into police custody for making terrorist threats and for drug possession on Wednesday. Witnesses told police that Bach initially wanted to go outside for a smoke and a bartender wouldn’t allow him to take his drink outside.

How did Bach go blind?

Old biographies claim that it was the result of overstressing his vision in poor illumination. By persuasion of his friends, he had his both eyes operated by a travelling British eye surgeon. After surgery, Bach was totally blind and unable to play an organ, compose or direct choirs and orchestras.

Is Beethoven dead?

Deceased (1770–1827)
Ludwig van Beethoven/Living or Deceased

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