What sickness did Timothy have in the Cay?

What sickness did Timothy have in the Cay?

In chapter 12 of The Cay, Timothy is sick with malaria. He has a fever and chills, and he gets confused. Phillip tries to help him. When Timothy runs to the water, Phillip drags him back out.

What happened in chapter 13 of the cay?

In Chapter 13 of The Cay, Phillip is growing more independent. He learns to fish by himself, he tells Timothy what he knows about how the cay could have gotten there, and he finally climbs the palm tree to get coconuts for them to eat.

What happened to Timothy One morning in May?

Phillip awakes one morning in May to find Timothy taking ragged breaths, fighting for air. Timothy tells Phillip he has malaria. Phillip puts a damp cloth on his head, but Timothy’s teeth keep clacking and hot air pours from his mouth. Later that morning Timothy becomes delirious; he just laughs and mumbles.

What happens in chapter 11 of the cay?

In the morning Timothy and Stew Cat are gone, and Phillip is frightened. He circles the island using his cane and finds Timothy on the north side. He asks where Stew Cat is, and Timothy says probably hunting a lizard. Phillip searches for Stew Cat with no luck, though he thinks he hears faint meows over the wind.

What does Timothy believe is causing bad luck?

Lesson Summary Timothy believes Stew Cat is a jumbi, causing them bad luck, but Phillip doesn’t believe it. Timothy carves a wooden cat and nails it to the hut to change their luck.

What is Timothy’s bad news he has about the island the Cay?

Bad News. Phillip asks Timothy where they are. Timothy says that this is a cay, or small island, that he has never seen before. There are many islands around, but Timothy doesn’t know this one.

What happens in chapter 15 of the cay?

As chapter 15 of The Cay begins, Phillip and Timothy are in the hut with Stew Cat waiting for the tempest to begin. As the wind and rain start, Timothy looks out and says it’s a hurricane for sure. They lay there for two hours, being hit by wind, rain, and even a sea grape bush that was torn up by its roots.

What happened in chapter 14 of the cay?

In chapter 14 of The Cay, a tempest – a violent, windy storm – is coming to the island. Timothy and Phillip make preparations, including tying their water keg and knife to a high tree, emptying the raft, tying a rope to the tree to hold on to, and eating a large meal. They are ready for the coming storm.

What happened to Phillip as he was being lowered in the life boat?

What happened to Phillip as he was being lowered into the lifeboat? Something hit Phillip’s head while he was being lowered into the lifeboat.

Is the cay a real island?

The physical setting of much of The Cay is a tiny tropical island.

What happens in chapter 14 of the cay?

What happens in chapter 10 of the cay?

In chapter ten of The Cay, Timothy and Phillip enjoy a rainstorm, and Phillip asks Timothy questions about skin color. We learn that Phillip is afraid to climb the palm tree to get coconuts. As the chapter ends, Phillip is worried about how long his blindness will last.

What causes a person to have Timothy syndrome?

Timothy syndrome is caused by DNA changes (mutations) in the CACNA1C gene that provides instructions for making calcium channels in the heart.

Why did Timothy of the Cay bring his body back?

The story describes how, after the captain of the Hettie Redd died, Timothy was asked to bring his body back for burial as temporary captain of the Hettie Redd. He did so reluctantly, suspecting that a violent storm, or “tempis’,” might strike.

What was the disease like at the time of Jesus?

At the time when Jesus was walking on the earth, disease had an even greater hold upon mankind than now. There was little in terms of medical understanding, technology, and even basic preventive measures. Diseases we now consider of little threat due to antibiotics and drugs were often fatal then.

Are there any other treatments for Timothy syndrome?

Other treatments include managing secondary effects of the condition. Respiratory infections are common with Timothy syndrome, and should be treated with antibiotics that do not cause QT prolongation and with steroid drugs when necessary. Surgical correction of syndactyly is possible.

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