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What pitcher has the most wins in the 80s?

What pitcher has the most wins in the 80s?

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Rk Player W
1 Dave Stieb 140
2 Bob Welch 137
3 Fernando Valenzuela 128
4 Bert Blyleven 123

Who was the best pitcher of the 1980s?

The 10 Best Pitchers of the 1980s

  • Bert Blyleven.
  • Steve Carlton.
  • Bret Saberhagen.
  • Jerry Reuss.
  • Dwight Gooden.

What pitcher holds the record for most wins in one season?

Also, the most wins in a season by any pitcher in the 21st century is 24, by Randy Johnson in 2002 and Justin Verlander in 2011.

What pitcher has the most 20 win seasons?

Nine or more seasons with 20 wins

Pitcher Seasons
Cy Young 15
Christy Mathewson 13
Warren Spahn 13
Walter Johnson 12

What pitcher has the most 30 win seasons?

30 wins, one season, since 1901

Pitcher Wins–losses Team
Grover Cleveland Alexander 31–10 Philadelphia Phillies
Jim Bagby 31–12 Cleveland Indians
Joe McGinnity 31–20 New York Giants
Dizzy Dean 30–7 St. Louis Cardinals

Who has the worst batting average in MLB 2021?

Kevin Newman’s very bad season 220/. 259/. 303 with a weighted on-base average (wOBA) of . 245, making him the worst statistical batter in MLB this season (nearly 10 points of wOBA below runner-up Elvis Andrus of the Oakland A’s).

What pitcher has the most wins in 2021?

Julio Urias
MLB Stat Leaders 2021

Wins W
1 Julio UriasLAD 20
2 Adam WainwrightSTL 17
3 Walker BuehlerLAD 16
3 Gerrit ColeNYY 16

Who has hit 3 home runs on Opening Day?

3 HRs on Opening Day? Only 4 have done it. When it comes to three-homer games, fans tend to remember the ones that happened at the end of the season. Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Albert Pujols and Pablo Sandoval all come to mind for their tater trios in World Series play.

Who is the winningest pitcher in Major League Baseball history?

Among pitchers whose entire careers were in the post-1920 live-ball era, Warren Spahn has the most wins with 363. Only 24 pitchers have accumulated 300 or more wins in their careers. Roger Clemens is the only pitcher with 300 wins or more not elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Who was the best baseball pitcher of the 1920s?

Grimes is the most-comparable pitcher on this list to Jack Morris and he clearly does not rank with the other Hall of Fame pitchers listed here. While he did win the most games of any pitcher during the 1920s, Grimes was 9th in WAR for the decade and 18th in ERA+. His rank in career WAR is 158th. His career ERA+ is 170th.

Who is the only baseball player to have 400 wins?

Young and Johnson are the only players to earn 400 or more wins. Among pitchers whose entire careers were in the post-1920 live-ball era, Warren Spahn has the most wins with 363.

Who was the last pitcher to throw 300 innings?

Carlton began the 1980s in peak form, becoming the last pitcher to date to throw 300 innings; he added another 27 in four postseason outings—one of which involved 159 pitches— winning three of them to help lead the Phillies to their first ever world title.

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