What music do they play in Morocco?

What music do they play in Morocco?

Traditional music styles

  • Aita.
  • Amazigh folk music.
  • Andalusi classical music.
  • Chaabi “popular” folk music.
  • Raï Music.
  • Gnawa music.
  • Classical Malhun.
  • Classical Sufi music.

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What kind of music is popular in Morocco?

The type of music most widely enjoyed typically depends on the region. That being said, there are six primary genres of Moroccan music: Berber music, Chaabi, Gnawa, Malhun, Rai, and Sufi music.

What is the most popular genre of music in Morocco?

Chaabi is probably considered pop music since it is indeed the most popular music listened to in Morocco. It is another form of Moroccan music that is widely listened to because it is sung in Darija, Moroccan Arabic.

Who is the most famous music producer in Morocco?

Morocco’s famous international music producer RedOne (Nadir Khayat) is representing Morocco internationally and he was decorated by the king of Morocco Mohammed VI “wissam alaoui”.

What is the traditional music of Morocco?

Considered Morocco’s classical music, Andalusian music is sung in Arabic and is typically performed by men in traditional clothing during religious ceremonies, festivals and concerts. The Berber people are indigenous to West Africa and make up a significant portion of Morocco’s’ population.

What kind of music does Zarra from Morocco play?

Zarra is a trained jazz musician having studied in France before settling in New York. Her music fuses different Moroccan musical traditions including Berber and Gnawa with jazz.

Who was the first female singer in Morocco?

Zohra Al Fassiya was born in 1905 near the ancient city of Fez and was one of the first female recording artists in Morocco. She came to be known as a star of Malhun – sung poetry accompanied by various Andalusian and Moroccan musical styles.

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