What license do you need to drive a Robin Reliant?

What license do you need to drive a Robin Reliant?

As such, any person holding a “full motorcycle licence” may legally drive a Robin. As it was not the licence entitlement that changed, but rather the categorisation of tricycles into an existing category, the change applies to all holders of category A motorcycle licences, whenever they were obtained.

Are Reliant Robins safe?

Balancing on three wheels, it certainly looks precarious. But it seems that the Reliant’s reputation for rolling over is undeserved. Reliant Robin owners are actually Britain’s safest drivers. They then found that only 11 out of 1,174 Reliant owners who logged on had claimed for crash damage – just 0.9 per cent.

Can you drive a Reliant Robin on the motorway?

As of 1975, the Robin was fitted with a mighty 850cc engine (steady now) meaning even more speed, which was handy, because contrary to popular belief, the Reliant Robin can indeed go on a motorway. As such, to drive a Robin, you needed to have a full licence.

Can I drive at 16 if I get PIP?

You can drive a car when you are 16 if you get, or have applied for, the enhanced rate of the mobility component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

At what age can you drive a Reliant Robin?

Both are classed as mopeds and are legal for 16 year olds. As has been said you cannot drive a reliant on a provisional any more.

Can I drive a 3 wheeler on a provisional licence?

1: you no longer need a car licence to drive/ride a three-wheeler, you need a motorcycle licence. After January 19, 2013, a provisional licence will only cover riders to ride motor tricycles if they have a physical disability. 3: the rules apply to all three-wheelers regardless of wheel configuration.

What are Reliant Robins like to drive?

But the truth is that the Reliant Robin has a rorty-sounding 848cc engine and the sort of snickety gearbox that makes you lament the passing of the proper manual. Plus, it’s an absolute hoot to drive, partly because it’s light and nimble and partly because passers-by are genuinely fond of it.

Are Reliant Robins easy to roll?

“Owning a Reliant Robin is like having a family pet. Yes, it’s a nuisance sometimes, and, yes, it can be stubborn and unreliable, but it scampers when you go out together, and if you play with its differential, it will even roll over so you can tickle its tummy.”

How many Reliant Robins are left?

2021 2018

Does Robin Reliant have reverse?

Every 1973-on Reliant Robin was fitted with reverse gear. Up until 1963, only people with a full car licence could have a reverse gear on a three-wheeler so motorcycle licence holders with no car licence had to have the reverse gear blanked off, which affected some Regals (the Robin’s predecessor).

What age can you drive NI?

17 years
All drivers must satisfy Northern Ireland’s minimum age requirements. These are 17 years for cars and motorcycles, 18 years for medium sized vehicles and 24 years for large lorries and buses.

Can a 16 year old get a Motability car?

Motability Cars That People Under 25 Can Drive. Motability Scheme customers under the age of 25 are only allowed to drive cars, crossovers or SUVs with an insurance group of 16 or lower and an engine that produces 120 brakehorse power (BHP) or less (this rule excludes Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles).

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