What kind of person is zinkoff?

What kind of person is zinkoff?

Zinkoff. This character is a mailman and a good family man.

Who is Mrs Biswell?

Mrs. Biswell is Zinkoff’s second-grade teacher. She does not like children, particularly, Zinkoff.

Who is the main character in loser by Jerry Spinelli?

Donald Zinkoff, the main character, is beginning first grade when the novel opens, and he is in sixth grade when it ends. During those years, he changes and yet remains the same, as do all young people. the central trait in his personality is his kindness, which also could be described as his ability to love.

What happens in the end of the book loser?

The novel ends with a chapter from the perspective of some other boys at Zinkoff’s school. From a distance they tease Zinkoff and talk about what a loser he is. One boy explains what happened when Claudia went missing, leading another boy to wonder what it would be like to be so cold for seven hours.

What kind of teacher is Miss Meeks?

Miss Meeks is Zinkoff’s first-grade teacher. A veteran of three decades’ teaching, she will retire at the end of the year and does not want trouble from any students, but she grows to appreciate Donald and he considers her to be his other favorite teacher in elementary school after Mr. Yalowitz.

What did zinkoff’s mother realize after he left for his first day of school?

What did Zinkoff’s mother realize after he left for his first school day? He had left his school supplies on the kitchen counter.

What is zinkoff’s sister’s name?


Question Answer
Who is a mailman? Zinkoff’s dad is a mailman.
Who is the girl on the leash? Claudia is the little girl on the leash.
What is Zinkoff’s sister’s name? Polly is Zinkoff’s sister.
Does Zinkoff’s like school? Zinkoff loves school.

What happens to zinkoff?

Low Point. Though Zinkoff experiences a brief surge of popularity in the fourth grade, he’s lost it all by the fifth grade. After his clumsiness causes his team to lose field day in the fourth grade, the kids turn against him and begin calling him “loser” in the fifth grade.

What is the plot in the book loser?

Loser is a coming of age young adult novel first published in 2002 by American author Jerry Spinelli. It details the growth of Donald Zinkoff, who is branded a “loser” by his classmates due to his clumsiness, poor performance in school and athletics, and sometimes clueless enthusiasm.

Who is Mrs Meeks?

Meeks | Scary Movie Wiki | Fandom….

Mrs. Meeks
Played By Patricia Idlette
Occupation Housewife
Appeared in Scary Movie 2 (mentioned) Scary Movie 3 (seen)

What did zinkoff do after he tried to out stare the sun?

At first Zinkoff shades his eyes. Then he lowers his hand. He squints into the sun, tries to outstare the sun, turns away thrilled and laughing. He reaches back to touch the door.

Why does zinkoff have surgery?

Why does zinkoff have surgery? Zinkoff has surgery to fix the upside-down valve in his stomach, which keeps him out of school for three weeks. His active nature rebels against this forced slowdown, and his mother worries that he will run outside, which would be bad for his recuperation.

Who is the loser in the book Loser?

After failing horribly in a track-and-field race, he’s branded “Loser” by other students, a nickname that sticks with him into middle school. Although Zinkoff is continually rejected by others, he never assumes malice or cruelty.

Who is Mrs Biswell in the book Loser?

Mrs. Biswell teaches second grade. She’s a grumpy teacher who regrets her life choices and takes it out on the children. She’s offended by Zinkoff’s constant questions and sloppy handwriting. When Zinkoff vomits on her prized chalkboard eraser, she sends him out of the class and orders him to never come back, a command Zinkoff takes literally.

Who is Zinkoff’s favorite teacher in the Outsiders?

Mr. Yalowitz teaches fourth grade. He embraces Zinkoff with fervor, inviting him to sit in the front row because he knows how it is to have a last name that puts you in the back of the room. Because of Mr. Yalowitz’s enthusiasm and encouragement, Zinkoff considers him his favorite teacher.

Who is Donald’s father in the book Loser?

Mr. Zinkoff is Donald’s father. He works as a mailman, which Zinkoff considers a noble, and heroic profession. He drives cheap, falling-apart cars the family calls clunkers. Mr. Zinkoff is supportive and encouraging.

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