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What is TLC mean for a car?

What is TLC mean for a car?

A commonly asked question in the vehicle industry is, “what does TLC mean?” Although car slang might not be known by the average person, everybody knows what tender loving care is. That is what TLC stands for tender loving care. Just like people, cars need to be cared for and loved.

What TLC means?

tender loving care
When you give someone extra compassionate, thoughtful attention, you provide TLC, or “tender loving care.” When you’re sick in bed with the flu you might need soup, tea, tissues — and some TLC. The acronym TLC was first used in print around 1953.

How much does car TLC cost?

Here’s how to get TLC plates $550 for vehicles with less than 500 miles. $625 for vehicles over 500 miles (this cost includes a $75 inspection fee)

What is TCL in car?

Your car has a computer that monitors and runs all of your vehicle’s components, ensuring that the parts are functioning properly. When something goes wrong, the computer will alert you via lights on your dashboard. Another light on your dashboard is called the Traction-Control Light (TCL).

What is TLC repair?

If you’ve ever spent some time on sites like or you’ve probably come across a house listing or two that states, the property needs some “TLC”. We aren’t talking about the all women rap group or a TV station, but Tender, Loving, Care. In other words, the property needs some repairs.

What does much needed TLC mean?

abbreviation for tender loving care: kindness, love, and attention: He’ll need a lot of TLC when he gets out of hospital.

What is the process of TLC how it is done?

Thin layer chromatography, or TLC, is a method for analyzing mixtures by separating the compounds in the mixture. Development consists of placing the bottom of the TLC plate into a shallow pool of a development solvent, which then travels up the plate by capillary action.

Can I sell my car with TLC plates?

TLC license plates are non-transferable but, like medallions, are considered an asset to a company. Unlike medallions, which have commanded up to $1 million, the plates cost up to $650. As they say in New York, wotta deal!

Can I drive my TLC car for personal use?

Yes, a TLC licensed vehicle can be operated by anyone with a valid and current State issued Drivers license for personal use and reasons. Out of state vehicles must already have taxi/livery plates and meet the insurance requirements set by NYC TLC.

Why is my TCL light on?

On most TCL TVs, the standby light blinks anytime you press a button on your remote. This is to give you visual confirmation that your TV is receiving a signal from your remote. There is no way to prevent the light from blinking when you use your remote button.

Does traction control slow down?

How Does Driving Without Traction Control Make You Faster? Traction control is designed to allow the car to accelerate in a slower, more controlled manner. The system limits the power output to the wheels to prevent them from spinning up. This lack of power to the wheels is what slows you down on the racetrack.

What is TLC needed?

If someone or something needs some TLC, they need to be treated in a kind and caring way. TLC is an abbreviation for ‘tender loving care.’ [informal] “She’s badly in need of some TLC,” said one colleague.

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