What is the term for lying face up?

What is the term for lying face up?

Supine: With the back or dorsal surface downward (lying face up), as opposed to prone.

What is the medical term for the position for lying on one’s back facing upward?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1a : lying on the back or with the face upward. b : marked by supination.

What is it called when a person is lying on his her back face up lying on her his stomach face down?

Supine refers to a body lying on its back (face up), while prone refers to a body lying on its belly (face down).

What is the medical term describing lying horizontally face up?

The supine position (/səˈpaɪn/ or /ˈsuːpaɪn/) means lying horizontally with the face and torso facing up, as opposed to the prone position, which is face down. Using anatomical terms of location, the dorsal side is down, and the ventral side is up, when supine.

What is supine lying position?

The term “supine position” is one you may come across when looking up or discussing various exercise movements or sleep positions. While it may sound complicated, supine simply means “lying on the back or with the face upward,” like when you lie in bed on your back and look up at the ceiling.

What is the medical term for turning outward?

transthoracic. across or through the chest wall (thoracic cavity) ecto- outside, outwards.

What is posterior in medical terms?

Posterior is often used as a technical term in biology and medicine to refer to the back side of things, and is the opposite of anterior, which refers to the front side.

Which term describes lying down in any position?

Recumbent. Lying down in any position.

Which anatomical term refers to a person lying on his or her back?

supine: Lying on its back, reclined. anatomical position: The standard position in which the body is standing with feet together, arms to the side, and head, eyes, and palms facing forward.

What is the position called when lying on stomach?

Lying on your stomach (called “prone” or “swimmer’s” position) helps air flow evenly in your lungs and improve your breathing.

What is the patient position called when the patient is lying fully back and their head is lower than their body?

What is the Supine Position? The supine position is one of the four basic patient positions. The three other positions are prone, lateral, and lithotomy. In supine position, the patient is face up with their head resting on a pad positioner or pillow and their neck in a neutral position.

What is meant by Lithotomy position?

The lithotomy position is often used during childbirth and surgery in the pelvic area. It involves lying on your back with your legs flexed 90 degrees at your hips. Your knees will be bent at 70 to 90 degrees, and padded foot rests attached to the table will support your legs.

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