What is the synonym and antonym of aid?

What is the synonym and antonym of aid?

abet, advocate, assist, countenance, embolden, encourage, incite, instigate, promote, sanction, support, uphold. Antonyms: baffle, confound, counteract, denounce, deter, disapprove, disconcert, discourage, dissuade, expose, frustrate, hinder, impede, obstruct.

What is a antonym for assistant?

assistant. Antonyms: hinderer, opposer, rival, foe, antagonist. Synonyms: helper, aider, attendant, coadjutor, auxiliary, ally, associate, contributor, partner, confederate.

What is the word for aid?

gift, service, assistance, benefit, subsidy, compensation, relief, cooperation, care, treatment, subsidize, abet, assist, encourage, alleviate, promote, alleviation, backing, encouragement, sustenance.

What are two synonyms for aid?

synonyms for aid

  • assistance.
  • benefit.
  • care.
  • compensation.
  • cooperation.
  • gift.
  • relief.
  • service.

What is the difference between aid and aide?

Aid (as a noun) means “help” or “assistance.” As a verb it means “to help” or “to assist.” An aide is an assistant.

What is a synonym for worker?

synonyms for worker

  • employee.
  • laborer.
  • peasant.
  • trader.
  • artisan.
  • breadwinner.
  • hand.
  • help.

What’s another name for assistant teacher?

An elementary school teaching assistant is an adult who is hired to help a teacher with class-related duties, which are similar to those encountered in middle and high school settings. They are sometimes referred to as paraprofessionals (“paras” for short) or teacher’s aides.

What is another word for aid or help?

What is another word for aid?

relief assistance
help abettance
backing support
abetment assist
boost cooperation

Why is aide spelled with an E?

When to Use Aide Aide is most likely a shortened version of the word aide-de-camp, which is a borrowed word from French meaning a military officer acting an assistant to a superior officer.

Can an aide be an object?

In American English, a personal assistant is usually an aide (nurse’s aide, presidential aide) but an inanimate object or process is always an aid (hearing aid, first aid).

What is the antonym of worker?

Opposite of an individual who provides labor to a company or another person. employer. boss. supervisor. manager.

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