What is the story about the lagoon?

What is the story about the lagoon?

The story is about a white man, referred to as “Tuan” (the equivalent of “Lord” or “Sir”), who is travelling through an Indonesian rainforest and is forced to stop for the night with a distant Malay friend named Arsat….The Lagoon.

“The Lagoon”
Author Joseph Conrad
Country England
Language English
Genre(s) Short story

What happen to Arsat wife in the lagoon?

Toward the end of the story, when Arsat’s wife has passed away, he offers his friend to join him aboard the boat, which Arsat refuses. Tuan’s friendship to Arsat persists despite the tragedy and drama he has been exposed to during his visit.

What are the main themes of the story the lagoon?

The story deals with themes of love, in Arsat’s infatuation with Diamelen; loyalty, in the actions of Arsat’s brother risking his life to help Arsat; betrayal, when Arsat chooses to run away with Diamelen rather than stay and attempt to save his brother; and remorse, in Arsat feeling guilty over his brother’s death and …

Which event causes the rest of the plot of the lagoon to unfold?

Which event causes the rest of the plot of “The Lagoon” to unfold? The Malay men sleep on the boat. What is the theme of the story within a story in “The Lagoon”? People cannot escape the results of their past actions.

What happened to Diamelen finally?

The pursuers killed his brother and Arsat had betrayed his brother for the woman he loved, who was now dying. Towards the end of the story, symbolically, the sun rises and Diamelen dies.

Why didn’t the men in the boat want to stay at Arsat’s house?

The men on the boat do not come up to Arsat’s cabin. Why? They believe Arsat is spiritually powerful.

What does Arsat decide to do by the end of the story?

At the end of the story, Arsat plans to seek revenge. The white man Tuan is leaving the lagoon and urges Arsat to come with him, but Arsat refuses. Arsat’s forbidden lover Diamelen has died, and Arsat feels that there is nothing left in the world for him.

What does the lagoon symbolize?

The Lagoon: A lagoon, by definition, is a small body of water separated from a larger body of water. ‘ To Arsat, the lagoon is safe because it’s sheltered. The lagoon might also be symbolic of issues beneath the surface. Repeatedly in the story, the stillness of the water is discussed.

Which is the main plot event in Arsat’s story?

Answer: The main plot event in Arsat’s story is that Arsat and his brother run away with Diamelen. Explanation: “The Lagoon” by Joseph Conrad tells the story of a man who tries to find the way of staying with his beloved one, in the excerpt the line ‘Go and take her; carry her into our boat.

What event causes Arsat to shiver what else might have caused that reaction?

Which event causes Arsat to shiver? It has become cold and Diamelen has died.

What is the role of the white man in the lagoon?

So, the role of the white man is one of illumination: he represents colonial attitudes toward natives and all the prejudices inherent in the western psyche toward the colonial world. The white man also highlights colonial insensitivity toward typically Malay attitudes and beliefs.

What is the message of the lagoon?

Joseph Conrad’s The Lagoon deals with themes of love, loyalty, betrayal, and remorse. The lagoon represents death, the murkiness of the human condition, and the difficulty of navigating through life with a clear conscience.

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