What is the scale length of a Fender Precision Bass?

What is the scale length of a Fender Precision Bass?

The standard 34” bass scale length was popularised by Fender with its Precision Bass model.

Are short scale bass guitars any good?

One great advantage of short-scales is their light weight and excellent portability. For the touring bass player or anyone bothered by the load a standard bass can put on a shoulder over a long gig, short-scale basses are an excellent choice.

Is a short scale bass easier to play?

Also, due to the lighter string tension and closer fret proximity, if you have hand or wrist issues, or are simply prone to hand fatigue, a short-scale bass will be easier to play.

What is the length of a Fender Jazz bass?

Overall length is 46 1/2 in. (118.1 cm.), 14 in. (35.6 cm.) wide at lower bout, and 1 5/8 in.

Who plays Fender Precision Bass?

There are a lot of bass players who prefer playing a P-Bass. The Motown legend James Jamerson uses a ’62 PBass that he calls “the funk machine”. Donald “Duck” Dunn, Carol Kaye, Pino Palladino, Steve Harris, Willie Weeks, Sting, Paul Simonon and George Porter Jr. are just some of the notable P-Bass users.

Where are Fender Precision bass guitars made?

Fender Precision Bass Made in Mexico.

Who plays a short scale bass?

Today, a newer generation of musicians are keeping the short-scale legacy alive. Two notable short-scale bass players are Owen Biddle, formerly of The Roots, who plays a CallowHill OBS, and Justin Meldal-Johnsen (Beck, Drake, NIN, M83), who prefers a Mustang Bass.

What is a 34 inch scale bass?

This is still often regarded as the standard length for a bass guitar. On a modern bass guitar, 30″ (76 cm) or less is considered short scale, standard (also called long) scale is 34″ (86 cm) for a 4-string and 35″ (89 cm) for a B-E-A-D-G 5-string, and extra-long scale basses of 36″ (91 cm) also exist.

Is 20 frets enough bass?

Bass purists state loudly that no electric bass guitar needs more than 20 frets on it – especially since if you play up high on the fretboard, you’re not playing bass notes anymore. If a high fret cannot be reached when the fret hand is behind the neck, the hand goes over the neck and they will play using tapping.

What scale is a Rickenbacker bass?

Rickenbacker 4001
Scale 33.25 in (845 mm) (long scale) 30.5 in (770 mm) (short scale)
Body Bound maple (and unbound maple 4001S Model)
Neck Maple and Walnut

Do heavier basses sound better?

Objectively speaking, heavier electric guitars do not sound better than lighter guitars. The type of wood used in the body of the guitar will determine its weight. This is quite a controversial topic among guitar aficionados.

Why is it called a Precision Bass?

The name “Precision” came from the use of frets to play in tune more easily than on the fretless fingerboard of the double bass. The electric bass, however, lacks the distinctive acoustic qualities of the double bass, offering a more solid, harder-edged sound with more sustain.

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