What is the role of front of house in a restaurant?

What is the role of front of house in a restaurant?

The front of house is the part of your restaurant where customers enter and leave, order and dine. It includes everything from outdoor seating and waiting areas, to the dining room, bar and toilets.

What are the policies of a restaurant?

Five policies you need to enforce with your restaurant employees

  • Strictly enforce a no cell phone policy.
  • Make sure your employees are washing their hands.
  • Have a dress code.
  • Have a set of rules for drinking at work.
  • Have “zero-tolerance” for harassment.

What do back of the house employees do in restaurants?

Back of House Positions They supervise the kitchen staff, create menus and specials, order food, determine cost, and take care of administrative tasks. Sous Chef – The sous chef is second in command, reporting directly to the head chef.

What do front of house staff do?

A Front of House staff member ensures quality customer service for the audience before, during and after a performance. They will work on a rota basis and are sometimes placed on the bar, box office or on the door.

What are the 4 most common roles in the front of house in a restaurant?

Your front-of-house staff might include a host or hostess, servers, bartenders, and the general manager — basically anyone who might interact with customers.

What and who is needed front of house in a restaurant?

The Front of House These are the folks who greet and serve your customers on a daily basis. When hiring front of house staff, you are usually looking for bartenders, servers and hosts, and sometimes bussers and barbacks. In addition, the restaurant manager is an often-overlooked member of the front of house team.

What does a policy do?

A policy is a set of rules or guidelines for your organization and employees to follow in or to achieve a specific goal (i.e. compliance). An effective policy should outline what employees must do or not do, directions, limits, principles, and guidance for decision making. Policies answer questions like: What?

What are examples of policies and procedures?

10 examples of policies and procedures in the workplace

  • Code of conduct.
  • Recruitment policy.
  • Internet and email policy.
  • Mobile phone policy.
  • Smoking policy.
  • Drug and alcohol policy.
  • Health and safety policy.
  • Anti-discrimination and harassment policy.

What does back of house mean in a restaurant?

What is the back of house? The back of house, also known as BOH, is a term used for all the behind-the-scenes action that customers typically do not see. This usually includes the kitchen, where the food is prepped and cooked. It can also include employee break rooms and any office space you might have.

What are the duties and responsibilities of the back of the house employee?

Often invisible to guests, the back of house team keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes. They have minimal guest contact, either working in offices separate from guest areas or in guestrooms when the guests are out. Back of house (boh) employees usually work during normal business hours.

What does front of house involve?

Front of house staff receives, welcomes, and relays the requests of diners at restaurants. Included in this category of employees are hosts, waiters, and sommeliers, among others.

What are 5 jobs in the back of house of a restaurant?

Back of the house restaurant jobs include chef, line cooks, prep cooks, and the restaurant owner (guess who is going to get called when things go wrong?). It also includes your bookkeeper or accountant, and any maintenance people, as well as anyone else who works behind the scenes of your restaurant.

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