What is the purpose of the story Cassius tells Brutus?

What is the purpose of the story Cassius tells Brutus?

Cassius explains his reasons why he does not love Caesar as does Brutus. Both he and Brutus eat just as Caesar, and both of them can withstand the cold just as he does. Cassius tells two stories about Caesar to prove that he is unworthy of being emperor.

What is the message of the letter Julius Caesar?

In Act 2 Scene 3 of Julius Caesar, Artemidorus, Caesar’s true supporter, reads a letter that he has written to warn him of the plot against Caesar’s life. The letter says that the friends and supporters he thinks he has are actually conspiring against him and are planning to kill him.

What is Cassius tone towards Brutus at the start of the passage?

Cassius, a deceitful and distasteful man, uses his words to convince Brutus that Caesar is not fit to be the sole leader of Rome. His words are so powerful that Brutus, who once said that he “[loves Caesar] well” (1.2. 88), is convinced to go along with plot to kill him. The tone of Cassius’s speech is overall catty.

How does Cassius persuade Brutus?

Cassius convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy by appealing to his honorable nature and arguing that Rome should not be ruled by one man. After Brutus admits that he doesn’t want Caesar to be king, Cassius comments that he would rather not live than worship a man as ordinary as himself.

What does Cassius say to Brutus about Caesar?

Cassius reminds Brutus that Caesar is merely a mortal like them, with ordinary human weaknesses, and he says that he would rather die than see such a man become his master. He reminds Brutus of Brutus’ noble ancestry and of the expectations of his fellow Romans that he will serve his country as his ancestors did.

How does Brutus feel about Cassius?

Brutus respects Caesar, but he worries that he has too much ambition. He thinks of Cassius as a friend, but doesn’t really respect him. Brutus’s relationship with Caesar is a complex one. He has known Caesar for most of his life and considers him a father figure.

What is Cassius main argument in his speech?

The point Cassius is making is that Caesar has become too ambitious when he is just as ordinary as the next man is. Cassius fears that Caesar is becoming a tyrant who will Lord himself over others. Cassius is searching Brutus to see what his thoughts are as to Caesar’s ambition of becoming emperor or king.

What is the point and tone of Cassius speech in response to Brutus?

What is the point and tone of Cassius’ speech in response to Brutus? Cassius sounds as if he is feeling sorry for himself because Brutus is treating him in a very unfriendly way. In his speech, Cassius makes an allusion to Pluto.

Why is Cassius so persuasive?

Cassius persuades Brutus against Caesar because he convinces Brutus of Caesar’s tyrannical characteristics and his desire for absolute power. When Caesar returns to Rome, having already defeated Pompey, he moves before the crowds, who want to crown him.

How does Cassius persuade Brutus in this quote?

In summary, Cassius persuades Brutus to join the conspiracy against Caesar firstly by highlighting how much power Casear has accrued and then by questioning his right to this power given that he is no better than them. Cassius then says that Caesar is in fact less than them—he is cowardly and weak.

What does Cassius accuse Brutus of doing?

Cassius charges Brutus with having condemned one of their men for taking bribes, even though Cassius sent letters asking him not to, since Cassius knew the man. Brutus responds by accusing Cassius of having taken bribes himself at times.

What story does Casca relate to Brutus and Cassius What does Casca tell us by the personal remarks he adds to the story?

What story does Casca relate to Brutus and Cassius? Casca relates the story of Caesar refusing the crown 3 times. Casca’s personal comments indicate that he thinks Caesar is ridiculous. Casca sees through Caesar’s “act.” Casca thinks and says that Caesar is playing to the crowd, common people.

Why did Cassius have to bring Caesar to shore?

Both men dived into the water, but Caesar was too weak to get out alone and Cassius had to bring him to shore. It is clear that Cassius tells this story to manipulate Brutus and weaken his view of Caesar.

What did Cassius say about marching toward Philippi?

He proposes that they march toward Philippi to meet the enemy at once. Cassius disagrees, maintaining that it would be better to wait for the enemy to come to them. This strategy would weary the enemy forces while their own men remain fresh.

How did Antony justify the killing of Caesar?

Under the guise of a gesture of friendship, Antony actually marks the conspirators for vengeance. In the Forum, Brutus speaks to the crowd and appeals to its love of liberty in order to justify the killing of Caesar. He also makes ample reference to the honor in which he is generally esteemed so as to validate further his explanation of the deed.

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