What is the plot of just listen?

What is the plot of just listen?

Just Listen is a young adult novel written by Sarah Dessen and published in 2006. It follows a high school student and model-Annabel Greene-who has fallen from popularity after an incident at a party and no longer wants to pursue modeling.

Does Just listen have a happy ending?

The ending shows how life has settled after all of the turmoil and grief. Annabel’s testified against Will, but that’s not where her story ends—which reminds us as readers that Annabel (like all victims of sexual assault) is so much more than the bad thing that’s happened to her.

What is the theme of Just Listen by Sarah Dessen?

The theme is to always be honest. Throughout the book Annabel tends to have lost friendships because of not being truthful, and to keep up with modeling, even though she despises it. While talking with Owen one day, Annabel tells him that even though she hates to not be honest, the truth can sometimes hurt.

Is just listen appropriate?

This is overall a great read. Some mature content, ages 15+.

Was Annabelle raped in just listen?

“Emily Shuster'”—A girl whom Annabel met at a calendar shoot for Lakeview Models. She later abandons Annabel to be friends with Sophie instead, after Annabel becomes a loner. She too is raped by Will Cash, and, like Annabel, this ends her friendship with Sophie.

What is the book The Truth About Forever about?

The Truth About Forever is a YA romance novel by American writer Sarah Dessen, published in 2004. Macy is left reeling by her beloved father’s sudden death while they were out running together. Macy’s mother is unable to grieve, while Macy’s sister puts her energy into renovating their father’s old beach house.

How does Just Listen by Sarah Dessen end?

She stops being friends with Annabel after thinking she slept with her boyfriend, Will. At the end of the novel, she ends up alone, with no friends and no boyfriend.

How old is Annabel in just listen?

Annabel is only 12 when Sophie convinces her to drink a beer while hanging out with some older boys. Annabel remembers drinking on two occasions at high school parties where the hosts provided a keg of beer.

What is the setting of the book just listen?

Lakeview. Annabel lives in the town of Lakeview, a fictional place created by Sarah Dessen that shows up in a lot of her novels (which cheekily reference each other).

Is Sarah Dessen appropriate?

Book Review This slice-of-life, grief book by Sarah Dessen is published by Viking Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Penguin Group and is written for kids ages 12 and up. The age range reflects readability and not necessarily content appropriateness.

Why is just listen challenged?

Objecting to sexual themes and language in the book, some parents challenged Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, requesting that it be removed from the library at Armwood High School in Tampa, FL. While many parents support the book, some have objected to its sexual themes and language.

Why did Sarah Dessen write the truth about forever?

In Sarah’s Words. When I began The Truth About Forever, I knew that I wanted to write about the idea of being “perfect,” and what that does and doesn’t mean. I was also interested in seeing a character go through a loss, and how that affected the way she viewed the world.

What makes just listen by Sarah Dessen so good?

Just Listen is a fantastic contemporary book and by far my favorite Sarah Dessen novel. I love it deals with family, friendship, and romance. It also tackled about eating disorder and sexual assault, both topics were handled well and it’s impressive.

Who is Owen Armstrong in just listen by Sarah Dessen?

Until she meets Owen Armstrong. Tall, dark, and music-obsessed, Owen is a reformed bad boy with a commitment to truth-telling. With Owen’s help, maybe Annabel can face what happened the night she and Sophie stopped being friends.

Who is Annabel in the book Just Listen?

The story is mainly about Annabel, who despite her beauty and popularity just wants to keep to herself and opts to hide her true feelings and problems being the youngest daughter of three girls in her family. Seeing her parents already going through so much especially with her middle sister’s illness,…

What makes a Dessen book a good book?

1.) It’s truthful, honest, witty, and well written 2.) It’s one of those books that makes you actually feel the anger, happiness, shock, etc of the characters, which is very rare in a book, and very hard to do. 3.)

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