What is the flight time from Toronto to Greece?

What is the flight time from Toronto to Greece?

Flight time from Toronto to Athens is 11 hours 20 minutes.

Can you fly direct from Toronto to Greece?

The easy way to book your flights from Toronto to Athens There are nonstop flights to Eleftherios Venizelos, too.

Can you fly direct to Greece?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Greece? American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, British Airways, Delta, Air France, jetBlue and SWISS all fly non-stop to Greece.

How long is a direct flight to Greece?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Greece takes 14h 38m, covering a distance of 5723 miles.

How far is Greece from Canada in hours?

Canada is located around 7748 KM away from Greece so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Greece in 154.96 hours.

How long is the flight from Toronto to Hawaii?

Flight time from Toronto to Honolulu is 11 hours 31 minutes.

Is Greece an expensive place to visit?

Greece is actually pretty cheap. Greek food, glasses of wine, hostel dorms, and public buses aren’t super expensive and you can find some really nice accommodation for between 30-40 EUR a night. There’s a lot of ways to save money in Greece without sacrificing comfort.

How long is flight from Toronto to Athena?

9h 40min is the average flight time from Toronto to Athens International.

What is the best month to visit Greek islands?

Greece is known for glorious summer weather, blazing sunshine and clear blue skies from May to September. This is typically the best time to visit Greece – the country is full of life and temperatures reach the late 30s. It’s also peak season, though, so many tourists descend on the small island.

Is Greece safe?

Greece is a very safe country to travel to. Tourists are unlikely to experience any crime or violence. The only concern is petty crime on the streets, but if you apply the basic precaution measures, your trip should go smoothly.

What is the best month to visit Greece?

Is Greece close to Canada?

Distance from Canada to Greece is 8,381 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 5,208 miles.

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